Can you guess the name of this pastry?


The pastry, glazed in butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon, pays crass homage to the [women] who first made it, and it’s significantly tastier than the title implies.


Take a few guesses by offering some creative off-putting names.

ht/ fdr in hell


48 Comments on Can you guess the name of this pastry?

  1. Actually, that is a French pastry called a palmier. My mom makes them with ham, mustard and Philo dough. They are better than the sweet kind pictured here.

    I’m suddenly hungry.

  2. “Obama’s Brown Star” A fave among the MSM, especially MSNBC and CNN, they have been know to eat it for hours…

  3. I can’t stand it when someone comes up with a stupid name for something for the purpose of bringing attention to a product. They should just call it shit for brains.

  4. The “pastryarchy” that is funny stuff. My brother is a socialist baker. Totally stealing that.

  5. Can it be made in an “easy bake” oven?

  6. While thinking of a name, I was reminded of an OLD SLN bit from their first season spoofing the Smuckers’ old ad campaign, “With a name like Smuckers, it has to be good”; SLN’s twist was ” With a name like painful rectal itch it has to be good”.
    I looked at the real name, and can see that “painful rectal itch” is right in the ballpark.

  7. They were originally going to be called “Altar Boy’s Farts”

    But that didn’t sound right…

    as a matter of fact…They made no sound at all…

  8. The above is all true – other than being offended!
    Had I a thin skin I’d never lived through the things Gunny — said!

  9. We used to make tem in boy scouts. They were responsible for more than one person being permanently scarred by boiling butter/sugar running down their chin.

  10. Clue: They smell so good, they can make a flower quiver in a n t i c i p a t i o n of a SPOREgasm

  11. they look like whirligigs to me….made from leftover pie crust dough, butter, sugar, and cinnamin… whatever you need to use up for filling……

    i’ve skipped over the “leftover” part, these days, and gone straight to the pie crust… (yes, to my shame) frozen pie crust, covered with butter, sugar, and cinnimin, cut into “pizza” slices, and rolled up like croissants…..add your favorite jelly, just to make them more messy….. 🙂


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