Can You Look Yourself In The Mirror If You Don’t Do All You Can To Block Career Criminal Hillary Clinton From the White House?

New York Times 1996: “Our First Lady… is a Congenital Liar”

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  1. Can You Look Yourself In The Mirror If You Don’t Do All You Can To Block Career Criminal Hillary Clinton From the White House?

    OK, I’ll take your rhetorical question seriously.


    The reason is that although I will be voting for him, I do not believe Trump will have much of an effect on the things that are the worst aspects of the fed govt. Likewise, as hideous as the prospect of Prez Dead-Eye is, I do not believe that she will have much of an effect either. To be sure, I believe that to the extent that they will make a difference, Trump’s will be positive and Dead-Eye’s will be negative.

    To put things in terms of one of my signature disgusting metaphors, Trump might be able to move a few shovel-fulls of shit out of the stinking cess-pool of D.C. and Dead-Eye would toss a couple of shovel-fulls of shit in to make it marginally worse. BFD.

  2. Q: Why will there only be two pallbearers at Hillary’s funeral?

    A: There are only 2 handles on a garbage can.

  3. Drip, drip, drip… the words that sum up the Clinton’s unraveling scandals and criminal behavior for 20+ years. Do we really need any more of this BS?!!

  4. If they managed to elect Spongedick Mompants twice to the Presidency, what makes you think that they can’t do the same thing for Satan’s prom date? If the people who stayed home for the 2008 and 2012 elections get up off their ass and vote this November we got a chance. We must have a turnout that can overcome the Democratic voter fraud.

  5. One is not much help and the other about the same amount of harm. The bigger harm are the Rinos and Democrats in Congress.

    Besides either one could get elected and wind up tied up in court for four years. One on criminal and the other on civil grounds.

  6. Last night I watched the PBS (American Experience) documentary “Reagan”, produced in 1998. It was good to reexamine what the cultural and political conditions were that made his nomination and election possible in 1980. Though the landscape looked very different at that point, there were obvious similarities with conditions today. More fascinating, still, were the outcomes of Reagan’s presidency if you had compared them hypothetically with, say, the election of Mondale.

    We are too prone to having a myopic view of history and today that is a bigger risk than ever because of the economic hole we are in. We have few great or even very good minds working the problems we have. I think it is safe to say we have no one in government who is willing to stand up for anything President Reagan believed in.

    I know I am viewed here as a real Trump cheerleader and suspected of being a ‘cult’ member. But here’s the thing: In him I see a man of bold action who has been acknowledged again and again as an innovator, a leader, and someone whose practical decisions have more often than not resulted in success. Trump has demonstrated an almost super-human ability to weather great personal and, sometimes, professional hardship. I greatly admire these qualities; it involves putting yourself and your own personal reputation and wealth on the line and facing whatever may come directly from your own personal decisions. In a world, today, where so much of our cultural ‘success’ comes from who and what we attach ourselves to rather than who we as individuals contribute to that success, I find Mr. Trump not only to be a refreshing change from what I experience around me, but also a much-needed reminder of the American promise. Given no other criteria, I would vote for him for these reasons alone.

    If you decide to watch “Reagan”, you’ll come to a very short section of commentary from both a former Soviet official and one of the film’s on-camera speakers (can’t remember who) who describe Ronald Reagan as a ‘romantic.’ I think the Russian goes further to say that Reagan (at the time) may be the only romantic left of the 20th century. It was an ‘ah hah’ moment for me, hearing this. I think they were capturing a defining characteristic that I see in Donald Trump. How two men, each from much very different backgrounds, could share such a quality is a mystery to me. But I understand what was meant and how it somehow separates those of us who are good from those who are truly great. I think it may have to do with the idea that, as individuals, some feel a deep calling that they cannot ignore; that they anticipate. Reagan felt this within the context of his faith. Trump feels this within the context of the use of his talents. In any case, I would rather have a romantic idealist who never says die than a dried-up cynic who distrusts people so much they live their life in a ‘safe room’ of lies, deception and corruption.

    You can find “Reagan” on YT. It’s 4+ hours in two parts.

  7. @Sig94

    I luv the line “Satan’s Prom Date” but, alas, Old Scratch has better taste than Clinton and Pelosi.

    Lucifer’s latest squeeze is Ilse Koch. However, he caught her shacked up with Helen Thomas last week, so that may not last. 👿

  8. @F.D.R. in Hell: I know who Ilse Koch is, but I’m afraid your reference to her is going to send most IOTWR readers to Google. She must have filled you in about her crimes in 1967, else how would you have known about her?


  9. Vietvet, I didn’t know Ilsa Koch and I didn’t go to Google!

    Never use Google!

    Use IXQuick or Startpage like I did to find out about her. No tracking.

  10. I thought EVERYBODY knew who Ilse Koch was … I’ve even got a photo of her somewhere.

    Her son was Mayor of NY City at one time, I believe …

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Ed Koch was not one of Ilsa’s two sons.

    Judging from the shape of NYC today, I’d sooner think Warren Wilhelm was her son.

    Damn, did I just feed a troll? 🙁

  12. Gee, Sylvia, it was sposed to be funny.
    Remember funny?
    Silly stuff?

    izlamo delenda est …

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