Canada appears to be turning right

[,,,] If elections were held now, according to the Angus Institute polling, the conservative leader Andrew Scheer would become Canada’s prime minister.  Luckily for Trudeau, federal elections are not slated until 2019.  The disgraceful spectacle he made of himself and his family in India has made him a laughingstock around the world and set back Canada’s relations with India.

Voters in Ontario and Quebec will elect their leaders this spring, and they seem to be fed up with political correctness and mass immigration, legal and illegal, issues that are powerful on both sides of the border. more here

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  1. @RadioMattM; you’re quite right but more and more people are ignoring the CBC realizing their just Canada’s version of CNN or MSNBC. There’s a real chance that Ontario’s Liberal government will be thrown out in three months although I can’t comment on Quebec. If Scheer does a decent job in opposition it should be a Liberal Party bloodbath as the NDP votes that went to the Liberal in the last election come back to the NDP and splitting the vote allowing the Conservative Party to win or Liberal Votes stay home or they go to the Conservatives.

  2. “Canada appears to be turning right”

    From a Kanuk point of view that could mean most anything from not starving oneself to death at the Media’s suggestion to refusing medical treatment to fewer old people.

    That whole right-left thing is a tad vague.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. “disgraceful spectacle he made of himself and his family in India has made him a laughingstock around the world”

    India seems to be where karma kicks libs in the butt.

  4. One of the mysteries of the 20 Century is how Canada could devolve in just a generation or two from hardy ocean-crossing pioneers to pussified leftists.

    My best guess is that like the English, the Canadians sent their best young genes off to die on European battlefields— two generations in rapid succession— and their national gene pool never recovered.

  5. They’ve hit the WALL turning left – they can ONLY go right after this.

    Sorta like us, AFTER Obumbles… 😳

  6. Bob M., I was thinking the exact same thing. I have been feeling a bit sorry for Canada having to suffer the ridicule of the world because of their pansy. We lived through 8 years of our pansy, hopefully they don’t have to.

  7. Of course they will turn right, after the hosers turned so wrong.

    Better than U.S., many of our turnip-heads still worship obola and would vote for him again.

  8. I lived through Trudeau Senior’s reign – he ruined Canada in the 1970’s with all his muilti-cultural nonsense (we all thought there would be more good ethnic restaurants, we were fools). As well, Ontario and Quebec absolutely HATE Western Canada except they want Western Canada to pay the bills all the time. I hope I live to see another reckoning.


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