‘Stuuupid is as Stuuupid does’

Guess who’s in this week’s “Bowl of stupid” for Leakin’ and Lyin’?  <—Hit the link to find out.



6 Comments on ‘Stuuupid is as Stuuupid does’

  1. YT is jerking these women around, too! Someone in the comments asked “Why X Likes and no views?” There are views there now, but you can tell by the number of views versus likes that there were a lot more than 7,000 views.

    Also, they’ve been demonetized. No commercials anymore.

  2. It’s really sad that these two beautiful African-american women have been teacupped into parroting the racist, cisgendered, white man’s word. Someone needs to break that cup and melt that spoon.

  3. Is “teacupping” a deviant homosexual act freaks like child raping Handsinmy Pooper and Don Lemonballs of CNN do to young drugged up homosexual teenagers like David Hogg?


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