Canada: Montreal Swimming Pool Will Have A Single ‘Gender-Neutral’ Changing Room

A new municipal swimming pool in Montreal, Canada is set to take inclusivity and equality to a whole new level.

BigLeaguePolitics: The Rosemont Aquatic Complex will feature a single, unisex changing room, differing from traditional municipal pools that have changing rooms for men and women respectively.

Montreal’s decision to only make one changing room was championed by Nathalie Goulet, the city’s “head of social inclusion.”

The city may soon find out that most of the women of Montreal don’t want men to be “included” in a swimming pool changing room that they use. more here

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  1. “head of social inclusion.”

    Interesting, it seems this idea will be excluding most people who identify with the normal rules of modesty and decency.

  2. Since the gender benders are both sexes rolled into one they don’t need a changing room for privacy from the opposite sexes

  3. I am sure at least one day of each week will be set aside for use by muslims.

    They’re special that way, don’t you know?

  4. IF you have to go swimming in Montreal….

    You go to the swimming pool wearing your swimsuit. Take off you clothes, put them in the locker. Go swim. Dry off as best you can and then put on your clothes over your wet swimsuit.


  5. I don’t understand how anyone could take issue with this. Unless you have something against a bunch of feverishly masturbating perverts watching your children change clothes.

  6. Our local Y allows the burkini. Not going swimming there anymore. Not enough chlorine to kill the bacteria if fully clothed bodies. How the hell can the Y tell normies to shower before the pool and let fabric laden muzzies in.

  7. For everyone on this site that has
    children and grands{I have neither},
    I pray To God for their protection cause
    Lord this mess is getting worse every day.
    In Jesus name I ask this Amen.

  8. I’d swim in my septic tank before I’d swim in a public pool.

    But that’s just me – I’ve seen European pools with floaters (early 60s) – can’t imagine how filthy a Canuk pool would be.

    izlamo delenda est …

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