Liz Warren slams Trump as “corruption in the flesh”

Liz Warren. Corruption of the flesh.

We’re still weeks away from Halloween, yet Liz Warren’s latest campaign pitch is getting increasingly creepy. More

15 Comments on Liz Warren slams Trump as “corruption in the flesh”

  1. No one on the democrat debate stage will be their nominee. This is all a sham to inject Hillary, my first choice or Mooch if her husband will let him run. Yes, I said “Him”.

  2. Trump is probably the most investigated man in history, yet Democrats and the Left can only come up with a string of slanderous and hate filled accusations against him that have no actual facts to back them up.

  3. You run on that Lie-a-watha. How did you get that job at Harvard again? Oh, yah, you told them you were a Cherokee. I don’t suppose they asked you for a Tribal Identification number? Or did they? Can we see they paper work you submitted back in the day?

    I’m sure someone somewhere has made a copy of you doing a victory lap celebrating your DNA test. The MEMEs that will come from that- I say you have a 1/1,026 chance of betting Trump.

  4. When will she take off the Pokahontas mask and reveal her true identity as a flesh-eating, Communist parisite? Inquiring Trick-Or-Treaters want to know.

  5. What of the corruption of Liz Warren’s flesh. At one point in her life, she was of noble savage ancestry

    Now her DNA is 99.9% pure fount-of-human-evil; literally the spawn of Adolph Hitler

  6. I realize this is The People’s Republic of NY and Washington Square Park is essentially Red Square, but the crowd size and enthusiasm for Fauxcahontas is disturbing nonetheless.


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