Candace Owens Puts Liars in Their Place on Capitol Hill

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13 Comments on Candace Owens Puts Liars in Their Place on Capitol Hill

  1. For some reason any time a link from Twitter is put up it quickly disappears from my screen. On this site, on Twitchy, any place. 🙁

  2. Side note announcement – Candice just got married to George Farmer of the House of Lords, Britian.

    Congtats! They are a wonderful and politically powerful couple.

  3. beachmom,
    You are being “shadow managed”. They attached some code to your IP.
    Any site on their “hate” list” will get bumped.
    Purchase a good virus protection software. Another additional software is “ReImage”. Run both regularly. Also consider a VPN of your choice. Big Tech is not our friends.

  4. Hey, mickey, good advice to beachmom. For me, Vipre runs 24/7, and I run cleaners every day, too. As for Candace, I just watched the entire hearing on the C-Sp site. Communist Leftists in Congress despise her–God Bless her for her courage. PS. Her rings are beautiful ♥

  5. @beachmom – I don’t know if this is the same problem, but a week or so ago, suddenely all Twitter links were grayed-out for me. I went searching for a solution and found someone who mentioned ad-blocker. I turned off ad-blocker for Twitter, and voila! The links were visible again.

  6. I’m an old conservative white male, in other words a racist. With that said, when I look at and listen to Candace Owens, I see a beautiful, extremely intelligent, woman. Since I don’t appreciate people like Maxine Waters, Shelia Jackson Lee or Al Sharpton, that must be where the racist part comes in.


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