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Candy That Has Gone Bye-Bye

I would like to see the Seven Up bar come back.

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  1. The Reggie Bar. Dick Young, the great sports writer for the NY Daily News, had the best review of the Reggie Bar when Reggie was not doing well with the Yankees. “A chocolate fruit that turns to shit after you buy it”.

  2. I don’t know about candy, but I’m still pissed they quit making the Nabisco fudge cookies, in the yellow and red package. They they served up those hideous snackwells. Not good enough, you bastards.

  3. I actually like the Summit bar when I was a kid. Hell, it’s basically a Kit Kat with peanuts. Now, anything with toffee or caramel is my go-to when a craving hits.

    Since Hershey’s jumped into bed with the trans community, I’m hoping there is a replacement for Heath or Skor bars that I’m not aware of – looking at you, Uncle Al.

  4. As a kid I liked Bit-O-Honey and Mary Jane penny candies. They’re still made, but I haven’t seen them for years. And as Mr aircubed points out, they’re good at ruining expensive dental work.

  5. What kid didn’t pretend that he was trying to act cool while puffing on a candy cigarette that let out a little puff of smoke back in the early 60’s. I’ve got some old B&W pictures of myself and my brothers puffing away on candy cigarettes. Idaho spud bars are still good, and they still sell them in this part of country.

  6. As a kid we used to walk the ditches for bottles. 3 cents and a nickle deposits. Mary Jane’s, Black Jacks, Bazooka and I remember Caramels and Squirrels which were a toffee with nuts 2 and 3 for a penny. Used to share my goodies with my Grandpa but he’d never eat more than a couple.

    The good old days when you didn’t live with your head on a swivel. Damn I miss those times.

  7. @CJ — I just ran across Snooks Candies while browsing Public Square for other stuff. I’m going to order some of these, review to follow. Looks promising.

    You may have to “join” to see things on Public Square:

    English Toffee. We start by hand stirring an Almond Butter Crunch made with real butter of course. Then coat it in premium Old Dutch Milk Chocolate, and finish it by rolling in our own fresh oven roasted roasted chopped almonds. It’s so good.

    Ingredients; butter, sugar, milk chocolate(sugar, cocoa, milk, cocoa butter, vanilla, sunflower lecithin, California almonds, salt, vanilla.

  8. I sell candy cigarettes, bubblegum cigarettes, Zero bars, Chick-o-Stix, Zagnut bars, and some other older candies in my liquor store. I give out candy cigarettes at Halloween.

  9. @ geoff the aardvark MARCH 28, 2023 AT 3:54 PM

    You can get a case of PB Moutain Bar seconds atBrown & Haley outlet in Fife for a double sawbuck. Miswrapped Almond Rocca as well.

  10. Black Jack, Clove & Fruit Stripe gum are pretty much extinct. Zagnut candy bars were my favorite back in my young days. Dollar General still carries them on a limited scale, but they sell out quickly.


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