Captain Obvious Strikes Again


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  1. Wish I had a picture of it, but a building was under construction in the middle of town on a corner lot. To dispel public rumor over what they were building, a rather prominent sign was posted out front, “Coming soon… Corner Building.”

  2. I disagree with the lottery. When the odds are 260,000,00:1, if you can afford 100, 00 tickets, you would be a moron to buy that many.

  3. Sometimes dumb people need a telling of the obvious.

    Reminds me of the 16 yo girl behind the counter at a burger place up north way back when. My wife wanted a cheeseburger plain.

    She got one very plain. So plain it didn’t have cheese on it. Cheese we paid for.

    The 16 yo argued with me over it until I asked to speak to her manager. With a harrumph she reluctantly took the burger and gave us one with cheese on it. “That’s not plain” she said under her breath as she handed it to me.

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