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Car-A-Lago Will Go Thermonuclear

We need a fair media for that to happen.

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  1. We’ve needed a fair Media since the first newspaper was printed in this country.
    It’s not gonna happen so do your best to get informed by other, more reliable means.

  2. “This is hhhhuuuuggggeeee!!!!!”

    If I had a dollar every time I heard this from a faux aggrieved Republican in the last 20 years who actually thought he had something juicy on the other side, I could buy a carton of eggs.

    I heard this a handful of times with Obama (F&F, Prism, IRS scandal, Benghazi, If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, and Obamacare not covering illegals). And we have now heard it about a dozen times with President Bozo.

  3. Thermonuclear? Doubtful.

    Just like every other imbroglio involving politics and politicians the world over, we may know the truth in 70 years, when the powerful release documents — or we may never know it.

    For example: Late last night I did some digging into who was in charge of the Birmingham jail occupied by MLK Jr. And who was the governor of AL at the time. Then — as happens when curiosity carries me forth — I ended up looking at various information about the guy who tried to kill George Wallace. In and amongst the info was an article written in 2017 and published by LifeSite News, which detailed the FBI’s surveillance of King during his protests. In 2027 the gov’t is supposed to release the wiretap tapes of King’s exploits. They’re not pretty. And they may shed some light on why that hideous bronze in the Boston Commons looks overtly pornographic. And as for what happened to Wallace, look up the name Arthur Bremer sometime. Such events in American history cause one to wonder if they know anything, or hope to know anything, at all.

    This is an extremely fallen world we’re living in. Make the most of your best lives and keep your eyes on Jesus.

  4. Aside from his fondness for women’s (not his wife’s) affections and his romanticized fascination for the communist ideology I am not aware of anything overtly scandalous. Given Hoover’s animus for him and all the man hours he used bugging his phones, the tapes could be damning but he is one of their sacred cows and will always be protected.

  5. This is all a plan to dump him after Harris passes the date whereby she can run for election twice (1/20, I think). I’ve said this since before the election. Their plan from the beginning was Biden two years, get Harris past the re-election date, and find a way to get rid of Biden.

  6. I think it may be more that they are realizing they HAVE to get rid of Biden. While watching someone on the news last night talking about his personal attorney doing the searching I had a flashback to when my father started to really decline from dementia. My sister and I were scrabbling around searching for all the important documents he’d stashed. Some of them were in some very odd places.

    Forget the politics and legal issues and focus on one thing – just how far gone is Biden? Then start thinking about all the documents he’s had access to. Pretty sure his inner circle is giving serious thought to the the “where has he stashed thing” question & that’s part of what triggered this scavenger hunt.

  7. There are only three levels of classified material being Confidential, Secret and Top Secret. When it comes to Top Secret, there are three different levels. The absolute highest level is referred to as Top Secret Umbra. Within that level, there are codewords given to various types of material. When I was in the USAF, I held a TOP SECRET CODEWORD TALENT/KEYHOLE RUFF/ZARF UMBRA clearance. TALENT/KEYHOLE was the joint program between the USAF and the NRO (the existence of the NRO was SECRET back then) that had to do with designing, building, launching, maintaining, programing, data recovery and interpretation of the film and digital data to produce raw intelligence. RUFF was the codeword used to designate the actual imagery gathered and produced by the satellites. ZARF was the codeword used to designate all electronic signals gathered by the satellites. UMBRA was used to denote the absolute highest level of sensitivity to the material. Even these codewords were considered SECRET when I was in the USAF. They were declassified in the 1990’s. The use of UMBRA was discontinued in the early 90’s but has since been revived by the intelligence community and is in use today to describe the highest/most sensitive materials possible. Every minute that my co-workers and I were in the vicinity of the material we worked with, we were afraid to inadvertently lose custodial control of the material. The result of doing so could mean a long stay at Leavenworth Prison. We worked in a giant vault deep beneath the Strategic Air Command Headquarters Building on Offutt AFB near Omaha, Nebraska. Nobody entered that building without being thoroughly vetted each and every time by the SAC Elite Guard. They were armed to the teeth and deadly serious about their duty. On the way to the deep underground vaults, you had to pass through a gauntlet of armed guards all along the way. They always gave everyone the stink eye as you past them. I saw many people thrown to the ground with guns to their heads for something as minor as not having their security badge in the proper place on their uniform. Once at the entry door to the vault, which was about two feet thick, nobody entered without being recognized personally by the airman on duty. If you weren’t recognized by that person, they would take your badge and look into a huge book of everyone who had the authority to gain access to that vault. It was the most serious place I ever worked and I loved every minute of it. It seems that no one in our stupid government takes these things seriously anymore. We are screwed!

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