Carbon dioxide is NOT a ‘satanic gas’

Lord Monckton corrects Pope Francis on climate: ‘The totalitarians got the science wrong’ – Carbon dioxide is NOT a ‘satanic gas’

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  1. Those who *do* believe CO2 *is* that evil,
    need to stop exhaling (HOLD that evil breath!).

  2. I’m not even sure if the catholics believe this anymore but there was a time when they believed that God was sovereignly in control. You cannot have it both ways. Either you believe God is in control, or you don’t. But you cannot call yourself a follower of Christ if you do not believe what is written in the Bible.

  3. Nice shot from Lord Monckton.
    My only quibble is they didn’t get it “wrong”.
    That word implies an error. AGW is a purposeful
    lie created from a whole cloth of twisted and
    propagandized non-facts for the purpose of
    stealing wealth and power.

  4. As if the Catholic Church hasn’t had a long history of being involved in command and control with evil totalitarian leaders.

    I’m Catholic and I can see that they have double standards between what they teach and what they do behind the Vatican curtain.

  5. Back when I was a kid, it was the Oxygen Cycle. Animals breathed in Oxygen, expelled Carbon Dioxide – the Plants inhaled Carbon Dioxide and exhaled Oxygen (combining the Carbon with the Hydrogen extracted from water by Photosynthesis thereby producing “organic” material).

    Everybody got along fine.
    Then the damned Satanists got into the picture by pretending to be EnviroNazis and demanding that every fart and hiccup by every single living thing on Earth be subject to their whim.

    And (to our eternal shame) instead of laughing at them (or disposing of them) we took them seriously and ceded great swathes of government power to them, even surrendering our Constitutionally-guaranteed oversight.

    Now, even a proven fool like Francis the Talking Ass can pose as some sort of authority on the perpetration of an obvious Hoax – and some take him seriously.

    *WE* really are the coconut-heads in this story.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Is the ship of fools taking on water?….Lets all hope she goes straight to the bottom with all hands.

  7. I watched a show on greenhouses growing vegetables in Canada. They raised the CO2 levels to speed up the growth cycle:

    Do they not teach the carbon cycle in school anymore ?

    There was an interesting article by NASA last month. It showed that the Earth was getting greener because of additional CO2: I suspect it has been purged into the memory hole, and the author beaten senseless, for heresy.

  8. If you wish to avoid satanic gas, steer clear of Pope Francis. He omits it constantly.


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