ICE will begin mass deportations of illegals starting next week

Daily Caller: President Donald Trump said Monday that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will begin mass deportations of illegal immigrants starting next week.

The president indicated that ICE intends on attempting to remove the millions of illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S. According to a Pew Research Center study released last week, 10.5 million “unauthorized” immigrants lived in the U.S. in 2o17.

“Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States,” Trump tweeted late Monday night. “They will be removed as fast as they come in.”  more here

26 Comments on ICE will begin mass deportations of illegals starting next week

  1. I am pretty sure the actual number of alien invaders currently in this Country is more than double that number….
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. Yes!!

    The “caravans”, the recent surges, the drugs and crime, the sanctuary cities, the Democrat and NGO shenanigans, the refusal by Democrats and CoC-owned Republicans to fund our sovereign security, or even adequate courts or services to process these people, and the other arrogant and blatant abuses of our immigration system have left no alternative.

  3. This will not make the Left happy.

    Expect interference, disruption and intervention on every level from legal to public.

  4. Eliminate all freebies and tax-funded benefits (health, education, and welfare) and the illegal mob will voluntarily board the beast train for a return trip back home

  5. Dart ’em like bears.
    Strip them, hose them off, strap a diaper on them, slap on an IV with attached hydration pack, shrink wrap and then bubble wrap them, sedate them and ship them to their home countries.
    When they absolutely, positively have to be deported overnight

  6. I believe we already did this once with Operation Wetback in the mid 1950’s during the Eisenhower administration where they literally kicked a million a half or more illegals out of the country and shipped them back to Mexico often with the help of the military. If it’s been done once before we can certainly do it again. Expect the left to shit kittens as usual but that goes without saying.

  7. The left has been on a mission to destroy the United States just to be in control. Vote them out every chance you can.

  8. I hope this happens but am wondering if the president is tweeting to get the left in a tizzy and try to stop it before it happens to make himself look good to his voters especially since he is going to announce that he is running again. I will vote for him but why show your hand and tip them off?

  9. Nope is right. A Federal District Court Judge in California or Hawaii will stop this before it gets started. They are the enemies of the people and allies of the enemies who are destroying our country.

  10. Lefties on other sites quick to claim these illegals can apply for asylum. They quote only part of US code to back their claims.
    That’ll be the narrative on the MSM.

  11. Greetings passengers! 101st Airborn Div. will be your hosts this afternoon for your deportation. Please follow all instructions regarding your complimentary parachute, a free gift from the American people. You’ll be exiting the aircraft at 5000 feet, diapers will NOT be provided. MS-13 members will be given the optional backpack instead.
    Thank you for flying Air America 2019!

  12. What is so special about next week and if this was in the works why the hell did they take a couple hundred people that showed up from Ebola diseased Congo areas and dump them in San Antonio over the last few weeks?! They are never going to find those people again. Or any of the others that have been given bus tickets and dispersed to wherever.

  13. Start convicting and jailing the owners , or CEOs, of the businesses that hire illegal aliens , and they will self deport: E-verify is available, so there aren’t any excuses.

    I would make it personal and start checking every Koch brother”s business entity first.

  14. I suspect that for whatever reason Pew is severely understating the numbers of illegals in the US. It’s likely more then double that their estimate and maybe even higher. Perhaps they felt that actually stating the real number would scare the citizens into doing something dramatic at the polls.

  15. Lets all gather at the border when they’re being shipped back and flip them the bird just like they’ve been doing to us every time they’re in front of a camera.
    I don’t think they’ll have that smart assed defiant look on their faces on their return trip.

  16. Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States

    I will surely begin doing something, next Tuesday, about the putative “illegal” invaders, if you give me twice as many amnesties, four times as many H1 visas, eight times as many H2 visas, sixteen times as many “guest” workers, and a hamburger, today.

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