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  1. I either need a gun to my head, eye bleach or a very stiff drink after seeing that pic!

    Maybe I need all 3….

    You are on my shit list MJA! That should be password protected!

  2. BTW, and I am just curious, but I have no idea what her show is or what it is about. From what I have seen on the interwebs it is just simply a show for freaks to fap to, is that correct? Is this cow paid big money to eat cake while she is shitting? Really?

  3. This mentally disturbed child molester is constantly posing half undressed in a pathetic attempt to gain praise. Only problem is, we can all see what she looks like and it ain’t good. Don’t shoot me and millions of other people with normal eyesight. Facts are facts. She hideous and looks like an imbecile striking a pose with Lou Costello’s body.
    But, hey, she should count her blessings. Only a liberal can brag about molesting her own sister and – far from having her show pulled and being shunned a la Josh Duggar – she gets to interview the top Democrat candidate, who’s coincidently married to a molester!

  4. Tommy, me lad, I would say that there are things we’re best off not knowing.

    Now please clasp my hand as we pray to the Lord our God that the door leaves an ugly, painful bruise on her fat ass as she’s leavin.’

  5. And Twitter not being a “safe space” for her……more like the general public needs a safe space away from her.

  6. There’s not enough Emetrol in the world to stop the nausea that slime pig causes.
    No sense of common decency and no self-respect.

  7. I wonder just how low were the ratings on that show and whether the cable companies read the riot act to HBO. It’s nice to know she’s just about gone from any public view.

  8. I always thought it was illegal to photograph the mentally ill.
    Obvious this was taken in a hospital mental ward.
    I used to work at one, this is classic crazy.

  9. If I see Lena Dunham’s ass, boobs or tattoos again I want HBO charged with crimes against humanity.
    Joan Rivers

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