CNN To Use Idiot and Lightweight for Dem Debate

Observers are scratching their heads and wondering why CNN would not use Jake Tappe for the upcoming Democrat Presidential Debate on October 13.


They will instead go with Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper.

Mr. Cooper recently demonstrated the lengths he’d go for an inside report, by appearing on stage with Madonna to be spanked and humiliated.

A recent search using the term “Don Lemon” and “idiot” came up with 1.2 million hits including this piece filled with his on-air stupidity.


Rounding out the list of half wits and glory hounds will be the utterly contemptible Dana Bash.

I suspect it’s all a plot to keep anyone from watching a bunch of old white people squabbling over the Party spoils.

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  1. “I suspect it’s all a plot to keep anyone from watching a bunch of old white people squabbling over the Party spoils.”

    That line is hilarious, Dr. Tar. Granny Cankles, Creepy Uncle Joe, and The Vermont Bone Crusher

  2. This is actually great! If the campaigns can get a clue they should all pull a Newt: “What are you trying to get at with that question Don/Anderson? We are running here for President of the United States of America in a very trying time. This is not a Miss America Pageant. We have more people on welfare than any time in our history, more people out of work than any time in the last 80 years, people are paying more towards government thanks to Obamacare and congresses reckless spending, the middle east has been handed over to Russia, and our president campaigned three years ago on providing free condoms. Would you like to restate that question to something relevant to the condition of the American people?”

  3. Don, Anderson, if I may, some suggested questions:

    Mrs. Clinton. Are you a flake ?

    Mrs. Clinton. Do you really still love Bill?

    Mrs. Clinton. If you go to jail will you allow Bill to, sort of, play around?

    Mrs. Clinton. Did you send an American Ambassador to his death?

    Mrs. Clinton. Are you a lesbian?

    Mrs. Clinton. I know you are sick and tired of this email nonsense, but can you operate a FAX machine?

    Mrs. Clinton. As the right wing suggests, did you ever call the President of the United States, a fucking prick, and throw a lamp at him?

    Mrs. Clinton. Tell the American people again how you avoided sniper fire in Bosnia?.

    Mrs Clinton. What are your accomplishments as Sec. of State?


    See? That’s why I’m not on TV.

  4. Wouldn’t it be great if all the candidates got together and decided that if the debate reporter asked a question that was not directly policy-based, that the candidate would respond, “That is not a policy based question directed at me. Would you please re-ask that question regarding my policy?”

    That would totally blow the media’s head up!

  5. Actually, it would only take one to do it and the rest would be forced to flow or else look like a bunch of Yebs.

    The Demons should do the same thing about Hitlery. Agree to more debates or we will have none. Don’t show up and leave her standing alone.

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