Carla Provost Officially Becomes Chief of U.S. Border Patrol


WASHINGTON — Carla Provost, a 23-year veteran of the U.S. Border Patrol, was officially appointed the agency’s first female chief Thursday, more than a year after she was named acting chief.

Customs and Border Protection commissioner Kevin McAleenan called it a historic announcement. “No one is better suited or better prepared to be chief,” he said. “Carla is an agent’s agent.”  – MORE

8 Comments on Carla Provost Officially Becomes Chief of U.S. Border Patrol

  1. The leftists will be happy. Another woman in a position of power appointed during the Trump administration for them to insult and denigrate. They don’t like strong women who think for themselves.

  2. Promoting competent people to positions of leadership from within an organization is a very good thing. The rest of the org is already familiar with the new boss, and the practice gives a terrific incentive for extra effort because you’ve seen it exercised. I wish the best for Chief Provost and the rest of BP.

    That said, she’s a dead ringer for my late Uncle Bob.

  3. Anyone who minimizes the personal and family risks one takes to be associated with the Trump administration are not being realistic. These individuals are modern-day patriots, no different than the ones who came before them! I say CARLA KICK SOME ASS!!!!


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