NY Dem Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney Calls Trump Supporters ‘Assholes’

DC: Democratic New York congressman Sean Patrick Maloney called Trump supporters “assholes” during a town hall on Wednesday morning.

Maloney, who is running for NY attorney general, and his supporters met up for the third of 30 “running town halls” — a way for the congressman to campaign while still fitting in his morning run.

In a campaign ad released on Tuesday, the congressman compared Trump supporters to home invaders and described himself as being armed with a baseball bat.

Maloney explained the ad to City and State NY during the Wednesday run and used aggressive rhetoric to talk about Trump and his supporters.  more here

38 Comments on NY Dem Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney Calls Trump Supporters ‘Assholes’

  1. Sh-yawn Splatrick Malarkey
    whada dipshit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    him gonna need more then a baseball bat.
    omg, now their just makin noise to draw attention to themselves.
    boring. no talent. therapy dog walkers.

  2. He calls me an asshole,then accuses me of being a home invader and to top it all off threatens me with a baseball bat(deadly weapon). Any legal recourse for this?

  3. Irish men with law degrees are a bunch of drunkin’, wife beating, ambulance chasers.
    See how that works, asshole, get a job.
    “It feels like the people who are fueled by hate, demagoguery and anger have their shit together, and those of us who want to talk about love and hope and inclusion have been hiding in the shadows,” – an Asshole
    Is this cat on drugs?
    Punchable face #26665521.

  4. Only in New York would a baseball bat be considered an adequate weapon against home invasion. Get yourself the souvenir size, asshole. Adequate firepower is illegal in New York.

  5. I’ve seen this guy as a guest on a few political talk shows and he comes off as smug, obnoxious and arrogant. It was nearly impossible to get a straight answer from him and he constantly interrupted.
    I think he needs to bone up on what an asshole is and do a little self reflection.

  6. Just what NY needs — another TDS-crazed progressive. I’m wondering what POTUS Trump’s moniker would be for this towering model of Leftist virtue?

    “Swearing Sean” “Foul-mouthed Maloney” “Running Scared Sean”

  7. He’s the personification of what everyone else in the country thinks of when they imagine a loudmouth, know it all pushy New Yorker.

  8. Well, I don’t want to be called an asshole. So, I guess I’ll vote for a dem the next time. They have finally insulted me enough to change my mind.

  9. Just another potty-mouth Dem substituting profanity for profundity. Connectin’ with his Workin’ Class voters, he thinks. At least he’s not riding a bicycle.

  10. Nice of him to call half of American citizens a**holes.
    Sounds like he would be a nice fair minded AG. (sarc)

  11. Gee, Maloney, shouldn’t the attorney general be a little less partisan? I mean, if you win office, I suspect you’ll be prosecuting more people who voted democrat than those asshole republicans.

  12. Demoncrats have found their platform.

    Angry thugs, division activists, immorality, free drugs & needles, laziness, free ‘stuff’, and ILLEGAL anything. Oh, and open borders.

    So, I’m not a mathematician, but it would seem that even IF socialism gains the upper hand, and ‘mamma government’ gives everyone free everything, on the taxes paid by the current working class, why would anyone continue to work? Might as well join the gravy train.

    Then I envision our country treasury having to stop giving foreign aid, providing emergency services, having a military, congress will not be needed, because socialist control everything and so on until……..we have every socialist failure to date, in our own country.

    As I tell my socialist Demoncrat friend who likes to complain his fear that his free medical will be cut off, what do you think will happen if we allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to ILLEGALLY cross the border to suck on the treasury? Every dollar given to the ILLEGALS by our bleeding heart socialists, is one less dollar to support our LEGAL freeloaders, who may have contributed funds to the treasury at one time, at least.

    So, congressman Baloney, shove your hate. Trump’s supporters are the working class that support you freeloaders.

  13. If standing firm on your principles, being patriotic, christian, gun owner, hetrosexual, compassionate, fully support the constitution as written and family oriented is being an asshole, Then Thank You so much for being so perceptive.

  14. Sean was describing us with ‘Love’! He Loves A++holes, he can’t wait to finish his run and get home to masturbate in Randy’s a++hole! He is all about them.

  15. Remember when a certain disingenuous, crooked, bitter old bitch called half of America a “Basket of Deplorables…….. and how well that worked out for her?

  16. 1. Try going a couple of days without an asshole. 2. I’ve read (but never tested) the proposition that a larynx would be useless with no asshole to produce the resistance needed to force air through the voicebox.

  17. @mightymojo, my husband will be 61 in Sept. If socialism won he would just retire at 62 and go be a Walmart greeter and we’d play golf all summer and ski all winter.
    Or sell the house and buy a place on a lake in one of our more remote areas.

  18. Call us assholes.
    And then when you realize NY needs us more than we need it, and you come begging for our business, our tax revenue, or just a handout, as “proud New Yawkers” have so many times in the past ….. well you know what you can do then…. asshole!

  19. He sounds Gaylic to me.Trump won 46 of NY State’s 62 counties and Seany Boy “dosen’t give a f**K about ashole Trump supporters.”

  20. Just called the asshole Maloney and stated I’m Republican not an asshole. I also stated I hope he loses his next election and there’s nothing honorable about him.

  21. Yes, the Democrats need to run with that. We need to print up signs that say “Trump supporters are assholes!” and stick them in the yards next to every Democrat political sign people put out, no matter what the office. I bet 99% of the Democrats would leave those signs up, not ever thinking it makes them look totally unhinged, because they are.

  22. Pure projection. Everything nasty Democrats say about us, they are guilty of or resemble. His comment proves HE is an asshole and any one stupid enough to vote for him is one likewise.


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