Carter on Obama: Foreign policy accomplishments ‘minimal’

jimmy carter and rabbit

Fox: President Obama was criticized last week by the president he is often compared to, Jimmy Carter. 

Carter told an Aspen Institute audience that Obama’s accomplishments on foreign policy “have been minimal” and that the United States’ influence is “lower than it was six or seven years ago.”

After proclaiming John Kerry “one of the best secretaries of state we’ve ever had,” Carter dumped cold water on Obama’s record abroad. more


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  1. yes but what is Carter’s definition of good foreign policy? That Israel no longer exists? That Russia owns Europe? ….

  2. Minimal? The dirt bag is about to incompetently push the world into world war III and he has had, according to freaky Jimah, minimal impact! Jimah refuses to give up the label of worst President ever without a fight!

  3. Don’t get me started on Carter. I love our troops and pray for them regularly.

    For somebody who was a Navy veteran, Carter treated our troops despicably, and it took Reagan to fix the military.

    God bless Reagan.

  4. Obama is making Carter look Conservative. Amy Carter makes Chelsea look like a super model. Amy had a butter face.

  5. Perhaps Peanut should stick to judging on one of those reality shows….He and Obama are aboput equal in the stupidity of Foreign Policy departments..I would say it is a dead heat.

  6. Because Jimmy Carter was such a sniveling pussy, we now have Iran funding terrorism all across the planet, and they’re about about get nukes. There is a special place in hell for him, and I’m sure Obama will wind up there, too.

  7. After proclaiming John Kerry “one of the best secretaries of state we’ve ever had,”

    Absolute proof that the old piece of shit is sufferring from advanced dementia.

  8. I was in the Navy when Carter was president. When he sold out Iran and then they took the US embassy hostage we were all certain it meant war with Iran. It should have. We should have made quick work of that whole evil regime. Iran had been a solid ally and friend, a civilized country, and because of Carter it turned into a freaking monster.

    That asshole is responsible for the death of millions and a world turned upside down. I can’t use strong enough words to express my disgust and revulsion for Jimmy Carter.

    Damn good thing Reagan won in ’80. Carter is an evil menace.

  9. Are you sure? Isn’t one of the requirements of a “butterface” to have a nice body?

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