ICYMI: Bennie Thompson, D-Miss: Look at US citizens, not Muslims, for terrorism


The top Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee has a history of making controversial statements.

bernie thomspson d miss

He did it again Wednesday.

U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., led off a hearing on the security risks of Syrian refugees by saying the committee would be better served if it looked within at U.S.-born citizens for potential terrorists.

Thompson said the mass shooting at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, last week illustrated America’s more pressing problems with “violent extremism.” He suggested that the threats posed by “domestic terrorism” were more acute than those posed by Muslim refugees being sent to the U.S. from Syria.

“Time and time again, I have urged this committee not to have a narrow view of violent extremism, which ignores violent extremist activity of domestic groups,” Thompson said.

“Regrettably, last week’s attacks at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston brought this issue into stark focus,” he continued. “Congress, the president, and the Department of Homeland Security need to come together with state and local governments to honestly acknowledge that domestic terrorism is a threat to the safety and security of the American homeland, including the refugees who resettle within our borders. We must move beyond the perceived fears of the unknown and focus on credible threat information and allow the security vetting systems we have in place (for refugees) to work.”  more

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  1. Well, he’s right. The children of muslim immigrants are likely to be more radicalized than their parents.

    But I don’t think that’s what he meant.

  2. Thirdtwin, I only skimmed it, but read that the “experts” link the radicalization to the children:

    “Security experts testified Wednesday that the children of Islamic refugees and immigrants tend to have a worse record for being radicalized than the refugees themselves.”

    This fits with how the illegal immigration problem plays out as well – it is largely more about the children of illegals who become problems..many of those stealing across the southern border are good people escaping a corrupt country, but live in poverty, and have children (who become citizens) who are raised without supervision, resulting in drug and gang problems, prostitution, etc. Of course, Trump is correct that criminals are coming across as well, proven out by our prison populations.

    This Thompson moron needs to be called out for being a racist, and the left in general pointed to as putting us at risk by ignoring real threat while pointing to the “homegrown”, right-wingers as the problem.

    As with the illegal immigration problem, it is about creating more Democrats..

    The left should rot in hell.

  3. Considering that our elected “representatives” forgot that they are supposed to represent us, and now we’re living under the tyranny of an out of control, bureaucratic, unaccountable government, he may have a point. They’ve pissed on the roots of the tree of liberty, so perhaps they should be looking over their shoulders. Assholes.

  4. It’s a good thing we have the MSM to translate the braying of our representatives. It must sound like a barnyard in either house of congress, and the stench is growing. Oh wait, they rarely work.

  5. Him being an African at heart he surely was thinking about the mob of black U.S. teenagers that recently trashed that all American icon and cheap Chinese trinket filled Walmart Store and joyfully dissed an old man!

  6. I agree…sort of, Start with the Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers, the Black Gorilla family, the Blood and the Crips street gangs, the black lives matter protesters, the Occupy movement, then move on to the Nortenos and Surrenos, , MS13, The Northern Structure, and finish with the US Government. That should keep homeland security busy for a couple decades. Oh and Don’t forget Muslims

    Dumbshit should have never opened his mouth. He just inserted both feet.

  7. Bennie Thompson – hogging at the public trough and stealing from the taxpayers since 1993. Also hates faggots (inferred). Dyed-in-the-wool socialist without really understanding any philosophy, whatsoever.

    To his credit, he has sponsored only 1 piece of legislation in 22 years.


  8. His speech-i-fying and bill passing causes more terror and damage in the US than the occasional shooter.
    Unfortunately, the shooters that make it into the news keep missing their target — Kongress Kritters.

  9. He’s correct, and here’s why.

    The definition of terrorism isn’t quite nailed down firmly, but is generally something like illegal acts targeting innocent victims with the purpose of changing govt policy or social institutions.

    This jerk clearly identifies with the current govt/social regime, which is, to any conservative, libertarian, or anarchist¹, urgently in need of changing. That same current regime has made it increasingly difficult to exercise actual free speech; so-called “hate speech” is now targeted for vicious abuse by the Social Justice Warrior brigades of online commenting louts. In come cases, merely expressing an opinion at odds with the collectivist / progressive hive mind can expose you to legal troubles. Some of us commenting here at iOTWreport are treading on thin ice already and that ice is getting thinner all the time.

    So that’s why this govt thug-meister is right: active anti-collectivists are indeed committing illegal acts with the aim of changing govt policy. The only thing missing is the innocent victim part of the definition, but it is getting harder and harder to find an innocent collectivist these days. Most are receiving stolen goods of one sort or other taken by govt from productive people.

    1. I mean real anarchists, not kiddie anarchists who think they’re doing something meaningful by throwing a brick through a Starbuck’s window or crapping on a cop car.

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