Cartoon Predicted Kobe Bryant’s Death by Helicopter Crash


An episode of The Legend of Chamberlain Heights (2017) depicted Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter crash.

ht/ It Ain’t Holy Water

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    All those people blubbering when Illuminati and active homosexual SATANIST David Bowie died made my head spin around and vomit all over my bedroom. He was an absolute piece of garbage, and if you have any sense about reality, go watch his videos from his last album Blackstar, bleech! Pure trash.

    Sorry to the Byrant family survivors, he just had a baby girl last summer, that is horrible, but he was a non-convicted rapist and Trump-hater, so no big loss to me.

  2. Cosby (I know, I know) had a line from a very old routine…elderly man says, “Know who died yesterday? Lots of people!”

  3. I predict that Hillary will die from sepsis due to infected rat bites.

    I’m channeling my spirit guide now to find when Nadler’s heart will explode.
    Stay tuned for updates.

  4. Bryant 24/7. What about the old lady in the crosswalk killed by a drunk mexican or the little girl taken,raped and killed by a muslim? He may have been good a bounching a ball but doesnt deserve all the news coverage.he was not as special as the old lady or little girl.we all die but we all dont get our names on the news. Sorry for the familys loss but my prayers are for the unknown….

  5. I have more feelings for the average person who works hard every day and struggles to save for retirement on typical wages while no one cheers him/her on for throwing a ball through a hoop like the dolphin at sea world.


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