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Casper Puts the “Great” into Great Pyrenees

Fox 47 News

When a pack of coyotes (which are normally solitary) found their way onto the property looking for a meal in early November, Casper got in their way. He fought the entire pack for more than 30 minutes, leaving eight of the animals dead and chasing off three more. However, after running the coyotes off, Casper also went missing.

[John] Wierwille gathered friends to search for his dog and put out requests for neighbors to be on the lookout, to no avail. Fortunately, Casper made his way home after two grueling days, but he was not in good shape.

“It looked like a coyote grabbed his skin and peeled it right off,” Wierwille told Fox 5 Atlanta. Retrieve

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  1. We had one, great dogs. He took off for a couple of hours and came back with an antelope leg. I asked no questions. He always slept across the threshold of my grandson’s room.

  2. Tho three wisemen names might not ever be known. They are said to be Balthasar, Melchior and Gaspar (sometimes known as Caspar)….This is a wise dog who’s seen some shit and didn’t back down…..

  3. I had a Huskey that took on three coyotes one time in the middle of the night. By the time I got dressed and ran outside with a shot gun there were two dead coyotes, and he had the third pinned to the ground by the neck. I won’t go into detail, but it was over real fast.

  4. Normally solitary my ass. The howling you hear in the evenings is frequently them gathering into a pack to hunt. They are definitely not solitary animals. They don’t tend to lodge together like wolves do, but they certainly work together.

    They can and will take down dogs the size of a Labrador retriever. They take down deer.

    Their teeth are incredibly sharp and they are scrappers. They can also soak up an amazing amount of punishment.

  5. They’re here in the rural areas bordering our suburbs, taking pets, garbage, and even livestock – especially now with the resurge of chickens everywhere.

    Luckily they are not considered a game animal and can be put down whenever and wherever encountered. I keep a 22 rifle by my back door and a close watch when my little dog is out even though my yard is fenced.

  6. We have Pyrenees that are guardian dogs. The reason I will never have just one is that although like this one showed they can do a lot of damage alone, but I wouldn’t risk one of them this way. Another reason not all coyotes will come in a pack like this. I’ve seen them when there is only one dog circle around and when the dog goes after one, another will move in for kill when the dog is distracted. When we did have just the one dog and I witnessed this because he was a smart dog and threw such a fit it woke us up and when we went out and caught what they were doing, we went in search of another dog the next day.
    They all will also defend from the sky as well, but we have one who prefers guarding the chickens over the other livestock and she’s hell on wheels when it comes to threats from the sky. She will grab hawks, buzzards, owls, you name it and will rip their heads off. It is quite amazing to see how high she can jump with perfection.

  7. @ Old Racist White Woman DECEMBER 26, 2022 AT 11:06 PM

    Exactly. That is a favorite trick of theirs. A guy that lives down from my cousin has a couple grey hound/Saluki crosses that live in the house. They don’t have much of a coat on em, and not an ounce of fat. If they alert, chances are coyotes are trying to bait one of the farm dogs and he will throw the door open to slip the two sight hounds and the race is on. I’m here to tell you those greyhounds are real speed merchants, but the coyotes have them in maneuverability. Unfortunately for the coyotes the second greyhound in the race has time to adjust and it’s curtains unless the coyote gets a hell of a head start when the green flag drops.

    I’ll tell you just how tough they can be. My buddy shot one on a dead run with my 22-250 and flipped it head over heels for ten yards. It got up and took off. He hit it a bit far back, but we didn’t know it at the time. Got up the slope to where it was hit and didn’t see a lot of blood, but with snow on the ground figured we could run it down fairly easily. About a quarter mile in we found eight or ten inches of intestine laying there where it had bitten it off. We were trailing it out for three or four miles before finally giving up on it in the dark an hour and a half later.

  8. True Story™

    This one Time . . .
    There was this School being built.
    Slab cured and CMU courses at 4 high on a weekend.
    One cell had an opening for a Door.
    Chihuahua pup appeared.
    Out of Nowhere.
    Do not remember if it was before or after the horny toad.
    Or the bees. Or the spiders.
    Anyways, took possession of said chihuahua and transported.
    Went to a Good Home with a Mom, Dad and two kids.
    They named her Yodi because of her ears.
    A Real Force.

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