Cat Has to Run the Gauntlet Through Alleyway of Bully Cats – IOTW Report

Cat Has to Run the Gauntlet Through Alleyway of Bully Cats

This is a scene from the remake of Mission Impossible, starring cats.

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  1. A Pillsbury Pie Pilot asked on Time Channel 5,7,2AM
    Got any Beemans?

    May 8, 2018
    An Airman First offers a MAGA stick
    4m33s – Samantha Bee’s Hero
    Venom flavored
    Sugar Free. Z-YAM-6G
    An inconvenient TRUTH
    4 out of 5 dentists agree

    Volcano Juice Boilermakers
    The Freshest Atlantic Bye Waters

    An Afternoon Delight
    Corn Fodders in Georgia too
    Noo! On every level . .. …
    2:42 AM 05-10-18
    A Triple Feature
    Call USA-1000

  2. Everybody was Cat Fu Fighting
    Those jumps were fast as lightning
    In fact, it was a little bit frightening
    But they lost to expert timing

    apologies to Carl Douglas

  3. Is that cat named Donald Trump? It should be, because that looks like a perfect illustration of leftist bullies and Trump’s constant battles with them, as he scampers on his path to Make America Great Again.

  4. OT
    Haven’t seen Morning Joe and Mika for some time. Tuned in this AM since I was already up…
    WTF has happened to his eyes?
    He’s starting to look more and more like Mr. Magoo, too. What are his producers and makeup peeps playing at? Go look for yourself. Anyone want to start a pool.
    Anyone want to bet he disappears for a few weeks soon?

  5. That was awesome!
    Good music choice for it too.
    Thanks for posting fun stuff like this once in a while.
    It’s a nice break from libidiots.

  6. That last bully expected his target to go high, but the quick thinking feline went low and ran right past him.

  7. Our house, every morning.
    4 cats & a dog are a traveling circus looking for a big top.

  8. THAT was Trumplike…pure maneuverability. Double jump off opposite walls and dodge low.

    OR if you prefer running The Gauntlet which we have now.

    Kitties and pooches GREAT for morale.



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