Cat in the Hat Given Trigger Warnings By Cambridge – IOTW Report

Cat in the Hat Given Trigger Warnings By Cambridge


Thousands of celebrated children’s books, such as Dr Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat, have been branded with trigger warnings by Cambridge University for alleged racism.

A taxpayer-funded project to digitise texts at Cambridge’s Homerton College will be slapping warnings on potentially “harmful” words, phrases, and pictures “relating to slavery, colonialism and racism”. More

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  1. Wow! It really is a mental disorder….

    At no time as a child, nor as a parent did it occur to me to go looking for symbolism harking back to the author’s life. Now? Same result. IDGAF.


  2. I am the Cat in the Hat,
    and I’d be a lyin’,
    if, from where I sat,
    I heard “Let’s Go Brandon!”
    and not “Fuck Joe Biden!”

  3. Honest to God, people, don’t send your kids to today’s colleges, and don’t give these “institutions” a fucking dime as an endowment. You’d only be fueling and perpetuating this insanity if you do.

  4. If this keeps up the Cat In The Hat will soon go Splat because Dr. Seuss, that silly old goose can no longer trusted to amaze and amoose (amuse) kids any more because they’d rather have our kids learn to read from a drag queen whore. FJB!, and may Dr. Seuss live forever, joey and political correctness not so much.

  5. “And this mess is so big
    And so deep and so tall,
    We cannot pick it up.
    There is no way at all!”
    ― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

  6. Philip Nel, professor of English at Kansas State University, who is calling Dr Seuss a racist proves that those who can do; Those who can’t tear down those who can.

  7. Must suck living a life where you look for any little thing that would offend you. Get a damn hobby, assholes.

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