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Cat Totally looks Like…


Pinko’s Favorite Show, btw.

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  1. IDK who or what a lady that looks like that would have to do with a shark tank other than clean the algae from the window, those lips, WTF?

    Anyway, the cat totally looks like Hellery.

  2. Who would do that to a cat? I swear if I saw that thing running around my yard I’d pull my pistol and put a big hole thru it

  3. The Profit beats Shark Tank. It’s great watching a smart businessman taking over a failing business and kick ass on the numbskull used-to-be-owners.

    Hate the vanity of the ST.

  4. Poor kitty, even without the makeup, how sad to be a hairless cat. BTW, most commenters here are rather cruel to women as they age, unless they have had lots and lots of cosmetic surgery.

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