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  1. Fruity Bullets… It’s going to replace Fruity Pebbles in da hood.

  2. No, it’s a condom for a Leprechaun. They’re magically delicious. Not that I’d know ya understand.

  3. Hmmm…looks like that planet eating thing in an old Star Trek episode.

  4. They better not let a kid eat those in a public school, some moron would think they’re real bullets and should be banned. They could be shot out of a pop tart gun you know.

  5. I like those fruit tubes! and as I suspected they must make them at the same place they make the loops!

  6. Why is it the odd bits always taste better then the normal ones?

  7. Bad Brad. That’s no Leprechaun condom. And I know my Leprechauns. hee, hee.

    It could be a condom for Tyler Oakly or his “friend” in the WH.

  8. When 3D printed Fruit Loops go wrong.

    Hey, it IS the Star Eater from ST:TOS. Except it should be purple.

    Actually it was more like a purple Funyon.

  9. Jes fallah yo’ ho’s! Where dey awways goes.

  10. Is that a man’s or woman’s hand? Either way, that thing is disturbing! Either it’s a relatively young woman with freakishly huge pointy man-hands, or it’s a guy who has ridiculously well-groomed nails and has never done a single act of physical labor in his life… and I’m pretty sure that’s clear nail polish!

  11. I don’t see anything wrong with the hands, and some of the dough didn’t get chopped for loops. Big deal. There isn’t really that much to comment on here.

  12. And yet you commented, Karen. Twice that I have seen so far. Will your next comment be a turbo charged flounce for some perceived insult?

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