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Painfully Unfunny Cartoonist Defends Painfully Out of Touch Storyline

Garry Trudeau Defends Doonsebury Strip on UVa Rape Story





Longtime cartoonist Garry Trudeau is at pains this week to explain this Sunday’s Doonesbury strip, in which a character expresses outrage at the UVa rape story reported two months ago by Rolling Stone — without any apparent indication that the story had since been discredited, in what was widely considered the year’s largest act of journalistic malpractice.

Trudeau, who has inked the iconic comic the late 60s, defended the strip Tuesday, telling Slate’s Betsy Woodruff that the long lead time on comics meant events sometimes outpaced his characters’ reactions to them.

But he also told both Slate and the Washington Post (which publishes the strip) that the larger commentary stood, even if the facts of the story had been overturned.

“We had some internal discussion about whether the flaws in the [Rolling Stone] reporting mattered here, and we concluded they didn’t,” Trudeau told the Post. “U-Va. is only used as setup to get the reader to consider the larger problem of institutions prioritizing their reputations over the welfare of those they’re charged with safeguarding.”

See the stupid cartoon HERE

25 Comments on Painfully Unfunny Cartoonist Defends Painfully Out of Touch Storyline

  1. Don’t believe the “long lead time” lie.

    Its the old Dan Rather “fake, but accurate” excuse.

  2. Does “internal discussions” mean taking to himself in the shower? WTH?! Also “flaws in the article,” is that another term for lies?

  3. Doonesbury is still around? Coulda fooled me.

  4. Years ago I considered the larger problem of cartoonists prioritizing their reputations over the truth they supposedly protect and found Doonesbury not only unfunny but completely out of touch with reality.
    That was sometime in the early 80’s and I thanked the newspaper I was reading at the time for moving that strip to the political pages where it fit in better with the liberal drivel being propounded on those pages and where I wouldn’t have to read it.
    Trudeau ranks right up there with that other unfunny humorist, Al Franken (stein). I wish everyone a happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year.

  5. He’s not a cartoonist, he’s a propagandist.

  6. Why is Doonesbury still on the comics pages? He may have been funny 40 years ago when I actually cared about such things. Pogo, Little Abner, Crazy Kat, E.C. Segars Popeye, The Far Side by Gary Larson, Calvin and Hobbes and my current favorite Pearls Before Swine with it’s terrible puns will stand the test of time and still be read 50-100 years from now. Doonesbury won’t unless you’re a crazed leftie who likes second rate drawings and a lousy political worldview. Quit now, while the quitting is good please.

  7. Douchebury? How about Doucheberry, related to Dingleberry.

  8. His characters are as punchable as cartoonist who draws them. Thought he retired YEARS ago.

  9. What Geoff said. I thought Doonesbury was the smartest sharpest satirical thing going for about a month back in 1969

    Then I turned 14, and grew out of it

  10. BFH, you really need to run a most punchable face of the year poll…I’d personally punch that smirking mug until my fist hurt….

  11. His is the picture I saw in the dictionary under twat waffle ,I swear!

  12. @ Anon

    Beat me to it.
    RWR gives Trudeau the treatment he deserves.

  13. With this faux pas, Trudeau can now put his own manhood in a blind trust. Asshole.

  14. Looks like he’s gone full-tilt faggot.
    I guess the cocaine, white wine, and Brie takes its toll, eventually.

  15. I stopped reading Doonesbury when he decided to do a strip in advance of the 2008 election showing Obama as the winner.

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