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Cats Are Jerks –


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  1. A local farmer had a cat they called “Lucky”. Seems the cat snuggled up to a warm car engine overnight only to lose part of his tail the next morning when the farmer started the car up and the engine fan engaged.

  2. Dr Tar – I knew someone who would always honk twice before starting his car.
    I initially thought maybe he had a security system that was disarmed by honking the horn twice, so I asked him about that.
    He said no, it’s just habit. Turns out they had cats at home that loved to curl up in a warm engine bay and one time when they started up the car they thought the belts had gone bad with all the chaos that was going on under the hood. Turned out Tabby went thru all nine lives in about 5 seconds!
    From then on they always honked the horn before starting just to scare the cats out!
    Not a bad practice if you ask me!

  3. A million years ago when I worked at Tantallon Exxon, I extricated a grey tabby from the shroud of a customer’s Lincoln. One of my coworkers offered to slit its throat but I took the cat down the road to the Emergency pet hospital…. Three days later I was presented with a dead tabby and a bill for $250 or so. I was earning $1.20 per hour!

  4. Cat cleverness. He knew that fan was no problem for him.
    Cats do the weirdest and funniest self-serving things, then look at you like, “Why didn’t you think of this?” LOL!


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