Caught in the web of their own semantics


Patriot Retort: You gotta admit, watching the news media get caught in the web of their own semantics has been the most hilarious thing ever.

Once again, President Trump grabs the narrative away from the news media.

And once again the news media is scrambling to prove him wrong. GO SEE THE LATEST


8 Comments on Caught in the web of their own semantics

  1. How can you “regain” what you never had?

    A metaphysical impossibility; except for GOD. And the bigots working in LSM are NOT GOD!

  2. Comy: “How will the Republicans explain this to their granchildren?”

    It’s simple. For eight years we had an incompetent and frequently corrupt President who used the powers of the Federal government to attack and harass American citizens. The the Democrat Party nominated an candidate that while probably a woman, was even more incompetent and corrupt than the President she sought to replace. This Democrat candidate was so evil she used her government office to amass millions of dollars, broke several national security laws, got people killed through her incompetence, and then used her allies in the government and the media to cover up and explain away her crimes. Fortunately she lost the election although no Democrat will ever believe this.

    The moral of the story is that this is the Democrat Party. Never trust a Democrat or a leftist.

  3. Wyatt — That’ll do nicely, thanks!

    If POTUS Trump plays our cards right, the Left and D’s will lose some appendages.

  4. Anonymous: I was a regular reader of MAD from 1964- about 1971. That’s why I got such a kick out of the graphic.

    Wyatt: May Comey forever regret he said those words.


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