Celebrities desperate to breathe life into a corpse

Patriot Retort:

Despite the best hopes of the ResistanceLOL, the Mueller Report pretty much sputtered out like a wet fart.  By now most Americans are over it.  Let’s be honest.

As far as we’re concerned the Mueller Report was dead on arrival.

But leave it to Hollywood celebrities to think they can breathe life back into that rotting corpse.

In an effort to get Americans angry and fired up all over again, last night celebrities teamed up to stage a dramatic reading of the Mueller Report. MORE

5 Comments on Celebrities desperate to breathe life into a corpse

  1. Arrogant leftist actors in their koocoon gee what a surprise.

    They NEED an SBD – Silent But Deadly fart. The ones that they run away from, and I am proud of.

    Now to the ShitFest Dem Debate of 2019!

  2. “Look at me! I can emote!”

    … “Hey, look at me. I’m Im port tent! … I’m like, smart … & stuff”

    “I can emote! watch … ”

    these arrested-development fartknockers really do believe they are the greatest entities in the world has ever produced & actually believe that everyone will worship them, just because of the shit poring out of there mouths … never once stopping to think that what they’re spouting has been written by someone else.

    I have lost all respect for these people … they are the lowest of the low … Elizabethan England had it right … they’re nothing more than scornful ribald players


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