Average Dem An Idiot About “Medicare For All”


Ask Democrats whether they support “Medicare for All” and the vast majority will say yes. Ask them what’s actually in it, and most don’t have a clue. That, at least, is what a new survey shows.

The Kaiser Family Foundation asked multiple questions about Medicare for All, and broke down the findings by partisan affiliation. You’d expect that Democrats, who have been calling for single-payer for decades, and now have two bills in Congress that would achieve it, would be the most well-informed of anyone. It turns out, they are the worst informed.

Both Republicans and independents have a much better grasp of what Bernie Sanders and many other would-be presidents want to impose on the country.  More

9 Comments on Average Dem An Idiot About “Medicare For All”

  1. I told my Bernie loving liberal neighbor that his Medicare for all plan would end her platinum healthcare insurance that she is the recipient of as a retired California state employee and she didn’t believe me. She said I was wrong and didn’t know what I was talking about. What can you do with folks who are so willfully ignorant.

  2. The democratic presidential nominees are fighting over which of them is going to give away the most shit.

    The winner will ultimately be the one that is willing to give away the entire United States of America.

  3. They should reform the malpractice industrial complex which is a huge expense for doctors. I remember hearing in the early 90’s that OB/GYN’s in Beverly Hills had to pay $100,000 a year in malpractice insurance. That is something over $40 an hour just to pay for the insurance based on 40 hour weeks.

  4. How about: You are the reason why lawyers make
    paint companies put “DO NOT DRINK” on their cans.
    (For real)


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