DEM Debate on NBC

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Harrison Verrett‏ @HVlovespolitics40s40 seconds ago

18 Comments on DEM Debate on NBC

  1. Like I really give 2 shits what any one of them has to say?

    Goofs, the whole lot of thwm.

    DJT in 2020 all the way, pussy, soy eating, blue haired, trans, lip infection, whatever you call yourself!

  2. Can hardly wait to see the other half of the 🤡 clowns. I also can’t wait for my root canal tomorrow.

  3. The biggest cheer of the night is Sleepy Chuck asking Fauxcahontas if she has a plan for dealing with Cocaine Mitch and she said “I do”.

    That was it.

    I just saved you an hour of “who are the fuck are these angry thumbprints?”

  4. I bet Geoff C. that POTUS Trump would be blamed for something within five minutes of the beginning of this madness. He wouldn’t take the bet.

    POTUS Trump: The Elephant in the house.

  5. They are all hell bent on banning guns to protect the children who survive abortion. Unphuckenbelieveably mind boggling.
    As my President twitted: Boring.

  6. Am I wrong to think that all of D.C. is like them now? ‘Cause I’m thinking it is, including the smug G.O.P clowns.

    Shut it down and send ’em home.

  7. Meanwhile the Obamboozler wuz meeting with the Prime Minister of India apologizing on behalf of the American people for the actions General Custer…


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