Women, Like It Hot

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To some people, thermostat complaints might seem trivial. But a new study has found that cold offices do more than make women shiver. Thermostat settings geared for men’s comfort — typically cooler temperatures — may actually disadvantage women by lowering their ability to perform some tasks.

The study, published in PLOS One, found that women are better at math and word tests when room temperatures are warmer. The women in the study answered more questions correctly and submitted more answers overall during the timed tests. Men, on the other hand, performed marginally better on the same tests at cooler room temperatures, the researchers found. More

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  1. Like I used to tell the women in my office when they complained about it being too cold: “You can put on more clothes than I can take off.”

  2. the question is: why do wymyn want to bring on global cooling, global warming, global cooling climate change by turning up the thermostat & creating more CO2 emissions?

    … it’s, like, 97% agreed Science … & stuff

    it seems toxic men are more in-tune w/ saving Gaia …. we only have about 11.6 years, ya know!

  3. Women are getting older faster.

    End of discussion, it’s all your birth controls screwing you up.

    I hate air conditioning by the way. Feels like I’m swimming in someone’s ice maker.

  4. I’m the opposite, I suppose. In some ways. I can’t fucking stand cold air blowing on me. 78 degrees in the coal burning season is good. 82 is getting a bit much.

    In the summer I’m out in the fields with nothing but trousers and sweating freely. That’s when I’m at my best.

    But when I’m in town with a 3 piece suit I’m pretty miserable unless it’s 68 degrees.

    What happened to the “tropical” suits of our forefathers? I get into a seersucker or linen suit and fucking soak it.

    Actually even at 40 degrees I’m sweating like a pig. I guess I prefer to not wear clothes.

  5. Well, DH once had a female secretary instead of a male secretary. She was feeling her hot flashes bad. DH actually kept a Mr. Rodgers sweater in his office.

  6. God bless Willis Carrier and his air conditioning invention. Men have more body mass that retains heat and cool is “cool”.
    From a man who despises 95°F. and 98% humidity.
    If you are cold ladies go back to taffeta petticoats.

  7. …IDK, women always seem to heat up when I come in the room, but maybe that’s just me…


  8. I’m an HVAC mechanic. If you ask 5 women in an office how the temperature is I get 2-i’m cold, 2-i’m hot, and 3 I’m not sure.
    Men usually only complain if something is really Off, but with the girls it is VERY age and Hotness dependent.

    The older ones are always hot as are the heffers. The short skirt and tits out crowd are always cold. The ones who actually are busy, like the men, are too busy to complain unless something is really broken. I don’t personally don’t care because it makes me money!

  9. “Considering that women seem to function best when they’re not freezing — ” Really now? But men, when they’re freezing, they can function? Yeah, yeah, I get that wasn’t the point, but that was a stupidly written sentence.

    OK, there’s reality to it and Masloff knew it when he wrote about the hierarchy of needs. If you’re hungry, for example, you can’t focus on school work properly because you’re so distracted by the growling tummy. So you can’t concentrate if you’re freezing. What’s the problem. “I’m cold.” OK, now what’s the solution? “Of course, make everyone else change for me.”

    Really, people, is it that hard to keep a f***ing jumper/cardigan/Pulli at work?

    It’s true that males tend to have higher thermometers, even as babies. So are we supposed to make them roast? Why are men responsible for putting the toilet seat down? Why can’t women put it back up when they’re done?

    Where I live people generally aren’t used to AC because very few businesses have it and I never heard of a single home here that did. It gets hot (to me, but I’m a freaking infant when it comes to hot weather), but not hot enough for people to justify investing in AC at home when a fan does just fine. Or even better, Alaskan air conditioning: opposite windows open at the same time.

    So what do people here – male or female – do if their work place is cold? Put on a f***ing sweater!

    Feminism has created the largest group of weakling, pansy-ass, whinging, self-centered, entitled bitches I’ve ever seen in my life.

  10. When I worked as a convenience store manager here in Florida many years ago, I kept the AC set to 68 degrees during the hottest summer months because lightweight fabric blouses and bracingly cold AC always made attractive women more interesting to look at. Come to think of it it made marginally attractive women more interesting to look at. As a matter of fact, it made ALMOST any woman more interesting to look at.

    Mind you, this was the pre- Mrs. BAMO era. <– Vitally important fact!!

  11. Whoever didn’t know women like warmern temperatures than men, has not been around women very much. Like Mayor Butthead.

  12. …I don’t live anywhere near New Orleans, but I do have to go there from time to time on business. You go there in a very cold plane (they do that on purpose, but that’s a different subject for another day), into an AC chilled airport, then walk directly into a humid, fetid blast furnace and stay there the rest of your trip. The businesses tend to not have AC, and instead have an open-air sort of architecture, sometimes to an extreme (like you go to a normal-looking restarant with a perfectly ordinary foyer, and the hostess walks you through the doors into a walled courtyard open to the sky WITH A ROARING GAS FLAME IN THE MIDDLE. The natives are totally unbothered by having to swim through the air everywhere, and can rob you every bit as efficiently as a pair of hired Africans can beat Jussie Smollet on a frozen Chicago street regardless.

    It seems they DELIBERATELY avoid AC because it’s possible to acclimate to the higher heat and moisture content, and if you’re there for even a short while and can’t escape it, soon YOU do, TOO.

    It’s like immersion learning for your body. Swim or die.

    …the point is, if everyone just quit whining and got to work, they’d get used to it, too.

    Ladies also. I work in a VERY un-air conditioned factory FULL of line females, and the wilting violets get office jobs or get out, but the rest just get used to it in a day or two, no problem…

  13. …OT side note on the “normal looking restaurant”. They will ALSO serve you alligator nuggets, which actually ain’t bad, but CAN be a bit chewy if overcooked…

  14. NEVER could stand hot environments, even when I was young. While playing outside, I would get “overheated” in the Summer and have to find shade or go inside, get some cold water and stand in front of the air conditioner – yeah, parents would yell at me.
    Thank God for central air! I would melt in pools of sweat when it’s 90 degrees. Love the cold. You guessed it, Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons.

  15. It sucks when someone else has control over the room temperature, as in a work office setting. But, I have a relative who changes the thermostat in my home when he comes over!! When the AC is on, it isn’t cool enough. When the heater is on, it isn’t warm enough. If the heat is set to 70 degrees! he cranks it up to 75. If the AC is set to 75, he will crank it down to 70. I guess some people must have a problem regulating their body heat and should prolly see a doctor.

  16. @Anonymous, I’m female and I think I might collapse if someone changed my thermostat to 75. Even in winter that’s way too hot.

  17. Women are never satisfied. They’ll bitch about anything. In my office they bitch about it being too cold, too hot, my balls hanging out of my gym shorts. I don’t get it!

  18. The women in my office that complained it was too cold, were the ones who sat on their fat asses and underproduced.
    Eventually I sent them looking for warmer workplaces elsewhere.

  19. …till they reach their forties. Then they get into knock down, drag out, fights with their younger feminine coworkers…

    Thus, all the younger women boohooing about the office temperature simply because they’re outnumbered.

    …and, if you’re lucky enough to pull 20 years or more at one place, you get the pleasure of stating, “I thought you wanted it warmer” when your problem tenants reach “the change.”

    Now, that offices have long given way to cubicles, there are no individual controls.

  20. @Anonymous, you don’t know me well enough to say that. If you did, you’d know I laughed my ass off at the FB sandwich post. I don’t think it’s one of the popular ones, but it was funny.

    Girl says, philosophically, “I’m exactly where I need to be.”

    Boy responds, “Make me a sandwich while you’re in there.”

    Only thing better is the massively funny guy whose lunch kept getting stolen, but I can’t find it (there’s another one they make a deal deal of, but that’s not it).


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