Introducing The Marrot – meat made to look like vegetables

Arby’s “has the meats.”

This comes from their test kitchen. What’s the concept?


If vegans can make vegetables look like meat, they’re going to make meat look like vegetables.

Fast Company-

It’s a carrot made of meat.

The move is a gleeful troll by the carnivorous fast food chain that recently announced it’s never going to sell fake meats like the Impossible Burger. Specifically, the marrot is a seasoned, marinated turkey breast, cut and rolled into the shape of a carrot. It’s cooked sous vide. Then it’s rolled in dehydrated carrot juice and oven-roasted. The marrot is finished with a brûlée of maple sugar and a sprig of parsley on top. Taylor points out that it’s high in protein and vitamin C—what Arby’s dubs a “meat snack.”

Depending on public response, the company may or may not bring it to market as a limited-time promotion. If it does, the promotion will be similar to how the Arby’s featured venison on the menu in 2016 (which sold out in just two hours given eager demand and extremely limited quantities).


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13 Comments on Introducing The Marrot – meat made to look like vegetables

  1. Sorry, but I would like things that look like carrots to be carrots, things that look like hamburgers to be hamburgers, and things that look like fried earthworms to be fried earthworms.

  2. …does EVERYTHING in modern America HAVE to have an identity crises?

    …no “trans” meat for ME, thanks…

  3. @Supernightshade – Cogent observation, good question!

    I agree. I don’t want my pizza to merely identify as pizza, I want it to be pizza.

  4. Dang, I bet that goes great with that Orange Horsey Sauce mixture and some thin soft bread to hold it.

  5. …make meat in the shape of a vagina. Guys will lap it up.

    …and a few women, too.

    …suggested advertising campaign: “Wanna eat out? Come to Arby’s and REALLY eat out”…

  6. Wow, took a decade, long research finally paid off.
    The new John McCain Sammich.
    Making meat look like a vegetable.


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