Carl Cameron says it’s up to us to decide what we think of him and his reporting

Carl left Fox because they were too partisan and not fair and balanced and joined Front Page Live in order to partner with what he describes as “progressives.”

Well Carl, what do I think of you? Watching this video, and its lack of logic, I think you are a retard.

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32 Comments on Carl Cameron says it’s up to us to decide what we think of him and his reporting

  1. The video did nothing to answer the “who is Carson Camerson or whatever” question.

    O.K. I actually watched 37 seconds. Good for him. I mean, if Forrest Gump can father a child, this retard can have a podcast.

    Loved him in the Special Olympics.

  2. “Carl Cameron says it’s up to us to decide what we think of him and his reporting”

    …well, gee, Carl, I WAS going to wait until Al Sharpton told me what to think of you, but since you gave me permission and I’m not a Democrat, I’m gonna just go ahead and think you’re an asshole who makes up fake news to please his masters and move on, so thanks for that, now go away quckly…

  3. I’ve decided. I definitely will not think of him at all.
    I haven’t ever given him a femtosecond’s thought to date, with the sole exception of writing this comment, and see no reason to ever think about him again after I punch the POST COMMENT button.

  4. You see? Exactly like that Alex kid who liked to take pictures of his doberman pinscher tearing out nazi throats……

    I mean………guten Abend, Al. What’s shakin’?

  5. I remember his face. Nothing else. I never even wondered where the fuck he disappeared to. Still don’t give a fuck!

  6. The fug do I know from kraut talk? I’m just tryin’ to stay on Als good side.

    You know….cuz I saw how that movie ended and all.

  7. Hey Carl, you sleepy looking shithead! You should take a nap before you tape this crap. You look like hell!

  8. ^^^just for fun, make that your OUTGOING message one day,@Mr_Pinko.

    THAT ought to confuse him…

  9. Mr. Pinko
    Tell Joe D to watch recognize the Batmobile time and date and space measurement communications not sent yet to and you too.

  10. @Supernightshade JUNE 27, 2019 AT 12:54 AM
    Our whole street of kids from Bond Hill were on that show.

  11. oh carl, desperate much?
    i liked you better as cats.
    you have no chance to survive
    make your time.
    ha ha ha ha ….

  12. Carl who? Yea, I remember the face but he was so poor that he never left an impression. And I didn’t even realize he left the Fox sphere. How was I to know? Was he even worthy of an announcement? Such a boring a person! He was all flour and no salt or light.

  13. Why haven’t all these people who say Trump colluded with the Russians produce the evidence? Or is it that there is no evidence and these people are just partisan hacks?

  14. He left FOX cuz someone said: “We’re getting real tired of your shit, Carl”
    So Sleepy’s joined Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, Happy (Gay), Grumpy, Dick and the other mental midgets to tell us the “Truth”
    Wake up and smell the Winning asshole!

  15. F4UCorsair
    JUNE 27, 2019 AT 1:40 AM
    @Supernightshade JUNE 27, 2019 AT 12:54 AM
    “Our whole street of kids from Bond Hill were on that show.”

    …Bond Hill was a VERY different place back then, not sure Uncle would play well there NOW…

  16. David Horowitz should sue.

    So, he left real news for fake news. Everything he said about President Trump and Russia was fake news. Fox’s real news was too partisan because truth favors Conservatives. So, he went off to fantasyland – safe space for Commies.

  17. Dave Huff
    JUNE 27, 2019 AT 7:44 AM
    “Who is Carl Cameron, and why should I care?”

    …the same question I keep asking about Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin, and the REST of the Lefty “comedians”…

  18. Didn’t Bill Kristol say something to that effect a few short years ago? Anyone heard from Kristol lately?

  19. He is one wonky ear looking’ thingy.
    Loved to see him interview Forest Whitaker. I bet Forest would laugh his ass off during it.


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