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Census Bureau Severs Relations With CAIR

A little sunlight goes a long way.

On Wednesday, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) proudly announced that it had agreed to assist the Census Bureau in making sure Muslims in the country are properly counted and help Muslims avoid scammers. Here

By last evening the Census Bureau announced that the agency had ended its relationship with the Hamas linked organization after producers for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” asked for details about the arrangement. Here

8 Comments on Census Bureau Severs Relations With CAIR

  1. Why was the Census Bureau working with a terrorist organization in the first place and why are they still operating in this country?

  2. If you deny the CAIR terror group any profit and ‘name’, you can make them fade into history.
    I wish more groups would check out their background before they jump in bed with them.
    So gross.

  3. Tucker C. bug sprays the roaches. Thank you, Tucker.

  4. Another Religion of Pieces Terrorist org. planted in strategic U.S. government departments by Imam Barry O.

  5. Hmm, should I wait for a report stating that the Census Bureau is partnering with La Raza to make sure illegal immigrants are accurately counted?

  6. Get all those camel forkers out of here!!!

  7. Q: Why are camels called “The ships of the desert?”

    A: Because they’re filled with Arab seamen.


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