Chelsea’s Stump Speech Not Helping Hillary

In a real head scratcher of a speech, Chelsea Clinton warned New Hampshire Democrats not to vote for Bernie Sanders for a particularly ridiculous reason.


Announcing that Bernie “wants to dismantle ObamaCare” and replace it with single payer, she made the perfect pitch to the left for Bernie.



16 Comments on Chelsea’s Stump Speech Not Helping Hillary

  1. The fact that Hillary thinks it’s a good idea to have both Bill and Chelsea campaign for her should give us pause concerning her decision-making skills.

  2. I loved my grandmothers, and they were smart and wonderful people. Lots of wisdom in a grandmother. The ability to sew a dress or a shirt, cook a feast, patch up a skinned knee, settle squabbles among grand kids, plant a garden, treat a cold or bind up a sprained ankle. They could can enough vegetables to last a winter and knew why to do it.

    But I don’t know that any of those abilities are qualifications for being president…

    If anything, a president might want to have a “grandmother” on speed dial amongst all the other consultants and advisers.

    But the grandmother should not be in the oval office.

  3. Ok it’s only 9:35, I’m still sober. But Nikki Haley’s mouth is funny. I agree, she talks like a vintrilliquist.(sp) But now take Chelsea, her lower lip sticks out further than her upper lip which makes her look like a fish, and is missing a hook. What they both say is meaningless to me. Gong them both. Remember the Gong Show?

  4. Good for her. Now that she is raising her profile she can be made a legitimate target. Now let’s take a close look at her husband, his family, and Chelsea’s role in the Clinton Family Crime Foundation.

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