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Chemist Makes the Stinkiest Compound Ever Known

I am risking a lot by asking these questions:

What do you recall as the worst smell you ever encountered?

What do you imagine to be the worst smell, besides this chemist’s creation?

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  1. Body found in the middle of July after it sat for about a week before the cops kicked the door.

    Literally had some rather tough Chicago cops puking after they breeched the apartment.

    Afterwards a guy I was with opened the fridge and said, “Hey there’s some leftover McDonalds. You hungry?”

  2. Used to get the chicken guts when the farmer butchered the hens who were no longer producing enough eggs. Gallon glass jugs that I would putin the sun and use for catfish bait. You didn’t want to get downwind when baiting up or opening the jars. Made a few fishing partners get the dry heaves

    Want me to continue? Sorry I have to leave now, maybe later this evening.

  3. Andy’s fart after kale, chine bone, and beans.
    In about a 110 F boiler room – two guys nearly passed out.
    Stopped work until fans were brought in.

    You could look it up.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Amen to what Anymouse says, nothing smells worse than a moistly putrecent dead guy.

    I never liked vomit either. Someone puking made me want to puke. Some guys used Vasoline under the nose to kill the smell, I found I didn’t like the smell of Vasoline under the nose myself, or the feel, so I didn’t.

    There was a time a raccoon died in our chimney and rotted till it permeated the house. That was nasty in place but when the guy disloged it into a bucket in the ash box, it was a couple days till you couldn’t smell it any more.

    Then there’s nursing home smell, kind of lemony and sick, urine and feces and dried blood and bedsores and unwashed bodies and sort of a dried skin sachet smell, all mingled together with medicinal smells and starch and disinfectant with a turbulence of long ago cooked food and rotting garbage with just a wiff of Death. It’s not really a strong smell, but it permeates your pores and the drywall of the building.

    Smell is the easiest sense to kill tho. Keep breathing and you’ll be able to manage.

  5. Sapper Chris
    DECEMBER 28, 2022 AT 5:30 PM
    “burnt, decomposing bodies probably tops my list.”

    …I never thought RECENTLY dead burnt people smelled that bad. It’s not exactly pork because you’ve got the partly burned clothes and hair in it along with the general burnt house/furniture smell and the wet wood smell, but handling a severely burned body is nasally not much worse than a burned pork roast. I would have actually preferred it to be worse because it didn’t match the visual input, and also because sometimes you went back to your interruped dinner afterwards and had to reheat the meat.

  6. We also have this huge grease trap in my food plant that a guy comes to empty with a modified honey dipper periodically. The smell can drive you out of the building if you’re not expecting it.

    He once brought a girlfriend with him on a date though. A rare lady, in my opinion.

    Oh well. To each his own.

  7. My brother in Seattle once had a very strong odor coming from inside the walls of his house in NW Seattle. He couldn’t figure out where the awful stink was coming from until they broke a hole in the wall and found a dead maggot infested possum had died inside his walls. It made him sick as hell. And my son once when he was a teenager buried an Easter egg inside a coffee can with a plastic lid on top in the back yard and forgot where he had buried it. A year or so later while in the back yard he found a very stinky, maggot infested rotten egg still in that coffee can and when he pulled the lid off it was puke city. He learned his lesson the hard way and never did it again. My brother again who lives in Seattle could clear the house when he took his shoes off according to my youngest brother when they were roommates.

  8. Forty-fifty years ago, driving south on I-95 you’d cross the James River just past Richmond VA. There was some kind of processing plant nearby that produced a very distinct very unpleasant odor. I never was interested enough to find out what it was, I just wanted to keep driving until I was out of there.

    One time the plant must have dumped a tank full of whatever it was directly upwind of the highway bridge. It was so bad it made my eyes water and gagged me almost to the puking point. The most accurate way I can think of to describe it is to imagine somebody burning dead wet hairy dogs. In your car.

  9. I enjoyed seeing the cautious methodology the young chemist used. And yeah, he looked and sounded like a chemist. They’re a special breed.

    I’ve smelled a lot of bad smells in my 71 years. But the one that scares me the most is Chlorine – while unable to get out/away fast enough.

  10. Worst ever – ready to hurl? I was in Nevada City, CA in a local grocery store. This man who is known around town as smelly, I didn’t believe it until this encounter. Apparently it’s true that he never bathed or washed his hair. I still remember it and that was well over 20 years ago. Haven’t smelled anything worse since and I never will.

  11. A place I used to work had a large, active kitchen facility with a grease trap. The worst thing you will ever smell.

    Used oil/grease was also dumped into a tank outside and away from the building. In the hot Florida sun….holy shit. I just about passed out.

  12. There’s a patient at the hospital I work at who’s shit smells horrible. Case management can’t find placement for her because she’s MediCal so she’s been on the floor since May – bedbound the entire time. When she shits it’s so potent that it stinks up the entire floor. All the other patients complain, and there are times even me and the other nurses start to wretch.

  13. Chorine will put you down and you’ll need assistance if you get too heavy a dose. Decided to spray a crawl space with bleach to kill mold on the concrete walls many years ago. Almost didn’t make it out as I started at the far end from the scuttle hole and found out the hard way it should have been diluted.
    Without Scott air packs in a chemical plant I worked at you’d be dead before you made the exit for some of the releases. Had one idiot who purposely ran the fork truck forks up into a pipe carrying Isocyanates (MDI Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate) and sat under it giving himself exposure to get a disability claim. It worked, but spending the rest of your life struggling to breath some how didn’t seem like a good trade off.

    The dead human smell is one I’ve never seen duplicated (different than any other decomposing animal flesh) and anyone who has smelled it will immediately recognize it if they encounter it again. Not necessarily worse than some dead animals, nasty but different. And there was still a bunch of active maggots in the couch where the body was in the apartment mentioned above as he was juicy and ripe. Happily not part of the first group into the place as they opened every window in there was…

    As SNS could probably attest to “floaters” are particularly nasty.

  14. When I was 7-early teens my next door neighbors would rely on me to take care of their cat they would not let inside and their indoor dog when they would leave town for a couple of weeks in the summer (in GA). First day into one of their trips the newspaper delivery guy ran over and killed the cat. He actually put it in a black garbage bag and left it at the end of the driveway. Two weeks later after sunny 90’s the neighbors came home and the son my age that loved the cat that wasn’t allowed in the house asked me to help bury it. To this day I have no idea why he opened the bag and can’t forget the smell.

  15. skunks, the Kelly-Springfield tire plant we toured in high school science club, behind the West Side market in Cleveland where some dumped mass quantities of unwanted butchered chicken parts

  16. A carpenter I worked with and Egg McMuffins. I made a point when he was on a site to look in his trucks windows to see if there was a McDonalds bag on the seat.
    If there was I avoided working near him. He was very proud of his flatulence. Made a guy puke once.

  17. Stinkiness is subjective. That being said, the first chemical plant I worked in after leaving the Air Force produced Ethyl Mercaptan. That’s the chemical put into natural gas to make it detectable as natural gas is odorless. It’s done for safety. Generally, there is one part per million of Ethyl Mercaptan in natural gas to make it stink. We made 100% pure Ethyl Mercaptan, in other words, one million times stronger than what you would smell in natural gas. The Guinness Book of World Records always listed it as the smelliest substance known to man, subjectively speaking, of course. You have to get used to it if you make your living making the stuff. I actually thought another chemical we made called Dimethyl Sulfoxide smelled worse. Today, I know that the stinkiest thing on Earth is Springsteen’s music.

  18. @Huron
    It really is vile stuff. We changed clothes and showered after every shift, but to no avail. If you even so much as walk downwind of the stuff, you smell like that for weeks. I once went into a large post office to do some business and within minutes, they started evacuating the building because they thought there was a gas leak. I finally convinced them it was only me that smelled and they kicked me out. I left that place (Pennwalt Corp.) when I was offered a better job and was glad to do so.


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