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Cher Blasts U.S. for Unsafe Vetting Process for Syrian Refugees

And then the old gal wished she could turn back time…

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  1. She will change her tune when all of her fans (all 3 of them) turn on her yelling that she is not PC.

    Did she miss the memo that they were all supposed to welcome refugees? — It’s hooey aarrr, ya know (thanks to Bubba’s Brother for that!).

  2. I wonder how many of her compatriots and supporters are a little confused about her showing at least a smidgen of common sense. I’d bet after she gets some feedback she claims her account was hacked.

  3. I seem to remember something else being posted right here at IOTWR a couple of months ago about Cher saying something else that made sense.

    The left has gone way, way out on a limb over the past several years. So far, that even many lifelong liberals can no longer always agree with all of its positions.

    The leftist coalition has always been a house of cards and this country is running up against the wall of reality. Watch for other liberals here and there to be defecting, at least on particular issues.

    If Trump has based his campaign on common sense, what does that leave for those who oppose him?

    I know that this is most likely just wishful thinking on my part, but this could be the beginning of the end of the left’s stranglehold on popular culture.

  4. That b!tch oughta be careful!
    Some muzzie is likely to mistake her
    for one of the thousands of
    drag queens who impersonate her
    and throw her off a roof!

  5. Where I live, many Democrat women have renounced their President – and party – and are buying guns like crazy. A lot of women are realizing that the Democrat party is now the equivalent of national death.

  6. Cherilynn Sarkisian – singer, whore, actress, gadfly, fool, vulgarian … entertainer, in a nutshell, with a mental wattage of about 1 1/2, and a mentally deranged offspring.

  7. Jimmy, your absolutely right. I sell guns at a local sporting goods store and the amount of “former” Obama voting supporters are buying guns like crazy; especially women.

    This goes back to my old assertion:

    “When the shit hits the fan, even the most hardcore, anti-gun bleeding-heart liberal will pick up a weapon.” -TSUNAMI

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