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Illegals Sue to Drive, Claim Discrimination


JudicialWatch: Borrowing a play from the Obama administration’s extensive race-card repertoire, illegal immigrants claim in a federal lawsuit that a ballot measure denying them driver’s licenses is discriminatory because it’s based on membership in a “disfavored minority group.”

About a year ago Oregonians overwhelmingly voted against Measure 88, which would have provided special driver cards to illegal aliens. Voters throughout the state, which is largely represented by Democrats in Congress, fiercely rejected the initiative 983,576 to 506,751, according to election results from the Oregon Secretary of State. All of Oregon’s 36 counties voted against Measure 88 by significant margins, the figures show. Measure 88 was put on the ballot after Oregon legislators passed a controversial law in 2013 directing the Department of Transportation to give illegal immigrants who have resided in the state for more than a year a special driver card. read more


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  1. Come on DOJ Lynch get those lawsuits going against Mexico et al for depriving American Citizens of getting drivers licenses, welfare, voting rights, property, jobs, invites to the Mexican White House and their corrupt congress, and most especially, for the trillion dollars they owe us for providing for their useless citizens!

  2. No Problemo –

    Open some new DMV offices and when the banditos walk in the front door you can escort them right out the back to a waiting bus.

    Adios Mudderfuggers (I wish)

  3. If you can’t get to the workplace to unfairly compete for my job and steal food from my babies mouths. Now get the fuck out of my country.

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