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Cherie Currie Throws a Cherry Bomb at the Democrats

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  1. They think they have total control, and they might – especially if they have multiple plans in place to prevent the election.

    Most need to be drawn and quartered…

  2. Punk is anti-establisment.

    Communism IS the establishment.

    Yesterday’s “Question Authority” crowd is today’s authoritarians.

    They ARE the machine true punks would rage against…

  3. Modern young American women are nuts – by design. Either they’re nose-ring screamers or selfie-obsessed narcissists. The commies did the job, all right – with GOPe help.

  4. Always liked this song.
    I was 15 when it came out.
    It was in Guardians of the Galaxy too.

    Lots of people are waking up.
    Stop going to parties in the liberal bubbles and things look different.

  5. Never heard of her but she’s absolutely spot on.
    God bless her for having the guts to speak out – it is no small thing to go against the tide.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. So, Madam Currie went nuclear on the bastids?

    Nice. But that song is not music to my ears. I must have missed it… Yup, released in 1976. I was gone during those years.

  7. Note to camerman, when they’re playing the lead in a song you should put the camera on the person playing the lead not the rhythm guitar.
    Most camera work with musicians kind of sucks, and the need to keep it moving all the time don’t help.


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