Chess Just Got A Lot More Interesting

A new promotional graphic for the World Chess Championship was rolled out earlier this month in the next host city, London. The suggestive design had more than a few people wondering just what they do at these tournaments.  More


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  1. this may be the Grand Prix Attack … or maybe the Queen’s Opening

    … since it’s in London, maybe the English Opening, or some sort of Gambit Accepted

  2. Those little Zit Poppers are for sure packing Condoms now, they won’t get to use them on a real girl but they can ! (dry)

  3. They’ve now call that the “Alternate Logo”.

    I play…horribly most of the time, but my money is on Caruana to win the candidates tournament. If you’re interested in chess I’d advise you to subscribe to the St. Louis Chess Club channel. It was built by Rex Sinquefield, who’s basically St. Louis’s version of Trump.

  4. Mexican chess word of the day: Bishop.

    Example of use in a sentence: “Hillary’s still talking.
    Would someone please shut this bishop?”

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