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Chicago Bears Get A New Owner

Yesterday, Green Bay Packer Quarterback Aaron Rodgers ran a touchdown in what pretty much sealed the fate of traditional rival Chicago Bears for the 22nd time. Upon reaching the pylon Rodgers reaction to the Chicago fans was aired live. Watch

In response, the Chicago Bears Wikipedia page was updated for a short time. Here

All experts, whether they frown upon Rodgers’ taunting or not, agree that at a 22-5 record, the Packer quarterback does indeed own the Chicago Bears. According to the NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football,” Rodgers is the 3rd most winningest quarterback to play at Soldier Field in the last 13 years (behind only Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and Matt Trubisky). Here

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  1. Big deal.
    The bears are not a great team & the Packers Choke in the playoffs.

    Won the whole thing last year AGAIN,
    Beat his old team & coach Last week,
    Beat Rogers Last year,
    Has more Superbowls than ANY single team,
    Is a secret Trump supporter,
    Was never stupid enough to date DaniCunt Patrick.


  2. Possibly might have been fun to watch, but the NFL has been dead to me for many moons. However, I do love me some Pat McAfee, he was part of my formerly beloved Colts. Quite the colorful character.

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    Who is your daddy? Some batshit crazy bitch about to enforce a vax mandate and have record negro deaths.
    George Floyd is rolling in his grave…only because he can no longer score any fentanyl…

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