Chicago Faces Shortage of Police Officers Ahead of DNC – IOTW Report

Chicago Faces Shortage of Police Officers Ahead of DNC

Gateway Pundit: As summer and the DNC approaches, the Democrat hellhole of Chicago is facing a crisis with a major shortage of police officers.

At a public forum with the Commission for Public Safety and Accountability last week, Chicago Police Supt. Larry Snelling said, “What we’re doing right now is making the best with the number of officers that we have.”

Snelling added, “We are down. We’re down close to 2,000 officers.” more

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  1. I’m old enough to remember 1968 (that’s when I graduated). Mayor Daley dealt with the rioters using batons, police dogs, tear gas and water cannons. This DEI hire will probably offer them free Cubs tickets.

  2. Valjar who controls the meat puppet Magic Half Negro will wave her Marxist Soros wand and “poof” the riots will never occur.

    She will not give the professional pinkos permission to mar Manchelles coronation…

  3. A little bird told me the firemen are going through FBI background checks to see if they’ll be allowed on shift during the party. No idea what the cops might be being subjected to. Know a few, but don’t want ask…

    As my one friend says, “Five more yers.”

    Believe they might be expecting some difficulties.

    Could be interesting times and a good place to avoid for the week before and after.

  4. This year’s democrap convention in Shitcago will be 1968 redux on steroids. And hopefully result in the same outcome as in 68 when Nixon became President because the American people were super pissed at the damn democraps and didn’t want anything to do with them. Now we’re even more pissed than we were in 68 because the democraps have overplayed their hand and are showing their true communist ideologies expecting us to roll over and play dead. I for one ain’t buying, it was bullshit in 68 and its now even worse bullshit in 2024.

  5. Oh, oh we are so caught off guard. If MAGAot types show up what will we do. Oh so scared!
    Maybe we will hide in mommie’s basement. Reality is please please come. The real United States President will be here.
    Any/ALL MAGAits will be delt with. Hello, this ain’t 2020.
    A special detention center will be for all those willing but not all will make it there. By all means please make our day.


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