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Chicago, Now With Mangy Coyotes

Hanover Park Police, in a western suburb of Chicago, are warning locals that the animals they are calling “zombie dogs” are actually coyotes with “sarcoptic mange” and should be avoided. Keep your pets away.

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  1. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!

    Chicago, nipping at the heels of Caracas and Harare! Well, that says it all!

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Is this mange interspecies contagious? (coyote -> human?)

  3. Quick! Someone file a lawsuit forcing the city to capture and cure every coyote!

  4. I saw a coyote last week, it ran right in front of me. No mange and it looked well fed. Less than a mile from my property, if I see it on my property it will be dead.

  5. seems appropriate. The next democrat candidate for mayor perhaps?

  6. Mangy Zombie Dogs……. sounds like one of Chicago gang names.

    So diseased they shoot each other.

  7. poor coyotes -came out of the woods and went into the city looking for food and caught some strange disease from the locals.

  8. Since these animals are aggressive. what are citizens supposed to due, carry steaks around to divert attention?

  9. Won’t be long before everyone is back living in a cave. You’ve come a long way, baby! How’s that rejection of civilized Western society going for ya?

  10. ‘undocumented canines’ that’s all.
    Clearly a case of species discrimination and they deserve a safe space.
    There isn’t a whole lot of difference between them and illegal immigrants running around spreading drug resistant TB and leprosy. I can’t communicate with either, nor would I want to touch one.

  11. So if Kim Jong Un’s missile takes out Chicago it will be a net gain for the US?

    Why isn’t the always mouthy PETA stepping in to fix it?

  12. Sarcoptic mange is caused by scabies. I don’t know if they are the same type of scabies that infest humans.

  13. So glad they warn to keep pets away from the infected coyotes! Otherwise, I’d be seeing my poodle EATEN by them.

  14. Well, at least the damned place isn’t filled with rats as well….oh wait….

  15. @Roman V: “Pretty sure its caused by global warming.”
    That was last year.
    Now they say it is caused by ‘climate mange.’

  16. Chicago is harboring criminals, illegals with potential infectious diseases. Nobody should expect Cook County Animal Control to be less corrupt.

  17. even steven

    This is exactly the same scabies that infect humans

  18. First they want to stop selling single serve alcohol. Now this. Wonder what they’ll give us next.

  19. I Thought it was Obummers Doodle Dog, after A Hard Nights Partying Naked with Obbo !

  20. @Chuck O September 4, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    What would you say to (drum roll)…

  21. @Plantsman: “I Thought it was Obummers Doodle Dog,”
    You might be right. What happened to hussein and mike’s two dogs? They were props, but where are they now?
    We need proof of life- like a photo of them holding up a newspaper or something.

  22. Toby Miles : You Do’nt Really Think Obbo Would Put a Tight Little Piece of Ass Like That Out To Pasture (dinner) Do You ?

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