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Chick-fil-A restaurants opened Sunday to serve Orlando residents

WE: Chick-fil-A may have a strict “no business on Sunday” policy, but the company threw it out the window in order to serve Orlando residents affected by terrorist attacks on the gay community.

Several Orlando locations of the chicken restaurant were open Sunday to provide assistance to those in need after a shooting early Sunday morning at a gay nightclub in downtown Orlando, which left 49 people dead as well as the gunman.

Chick-fil-A employees were also seen handing out sandwiches on Sunday to hundreds of police and first responders at the crime scene. Others were spotted giving away sandwiches to people who had donated blood after city officials called for donations.

The 70-year-old chain issued a statement Monday, “Orlando is in our hearts and prayers.”


SNIP: That’s a lot of love coming out of a company the LGBT and the left call, ‘Hate Chicken’.

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  1. And here I sit like Pavlov’s dog, slobbering and responding on only a visceral level, all I can do is think…”mmmmmm spicy chicken sammich….”

  2. I wish we had a Chick-Fil-A near me. I think the closest one is 90 miles away. This was a nice gesture – and people are waking up as to who their enemy is. Muzzies and our government. Go Trump!

  3. Bravo for a Christian organization that recognizes the acts of Jesus sometimes meant breaking religious rules to be true to the love He taught.

  4. I’m not at all surprised. I’ve been to dozens of Chick-fil-A all over the southeastern U.S. and its always the same experience: pleasant and kind people who seem to appreciate your business.

  5. @Larry The Skeptical Liberal: They? They who? The Muslims? And what chicken are you talking about? I gotta tell you, you’re not making any sense here, Larry. You need to get with JohnSavior and learn some communication skills.


  6. MJA, thanks for posting this.

    As I was reading and listening to the news on Sunday, I found myself wondering if Chik-fil-A was on site serving up sandwiches and drinks to the authorities investigating the scene. They did that a couple of years ago when a freak snowstorm hit the Atlanta area, and motorists abd rescue workers alike were stalled for housing on icy roads.

    I was impressed then. I’m impressed now.

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