Harry Reid seeking punch to his political eye – IOTW Report

Harry Reid seeking punch to his political eye

I’ll just cut to the part where he blames the NRA and pro-gun groups…

“The NRA is bad, really bad,” Reid said. “Gun Owners of America is even worse than bad. These two organization are competing to see just how extreme they can be pushing for more guns and fewer protections.”

See? See?   They’re super DUPER bad!11!!!

The rest of what the world’s oldest pretzel stick had to say is here.


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  1. Reid settled his lawsuit against the company that makes the exercise band that beat the crap out of his face. The company won’t have to pay him any money, but they will have to include the following label on all exercise bands that they make in the future: “Warning! Accepting contributions from Las Vegas casino families and failing to secure the expected variances from the Nevada Gaming Commission can be hazardous to your health.”

  2. Dingy Harry is a goof. Him and his ilk want instant denials without justification or the ability to request an appeal. If they can’t have that, they want nothing to do with what the R side brings to the table.

    It’s an effort to allow progressive goofs the ability to put people on the IRS watch list onto the no gun list!

  3. you could not pry harry’s gun from his hand when the democrats had the majority in the senate and house and could have easily passed gun control laws then. he even had nra support in 2010.

    what happened harry? eye focus change?

    molon labe!

  4. This is one reason, among many in fact, why I dropped my support for the NRA…for supporting this low life. There was never any doubt in my mind he would turn on the NRA as soon as it suited him.

  5. Color me confused, I don’t recall the NRA or Gun Owners of America ever endorsing terrorism. Does Harry have a source? He’s making a blanket effort to take rights from law abiding citizens for protection, rrright, and undoubtedly his task force will be hiding in your bushes proactively looking to ambush a criminal. Take a hike, Harry.

  6. Harry Reid is the kind of turd..
    Now I’m searching for a word
    That describes this fooking piece of shit
    better than a ‘nutless twit’

  7. Interesting that the DemoRATs constantly bleat about not allowing anyone under investigation by the FBI, or other agencies, to obtain a weapon but the RepubliRATs never bleat that anyone under investigation by the FBI, or other agencies, not be allowed to run for President!

  8. Makes me wonder why mcCONnell kisses harry’s ring (ass) before passing obama’s socialist agenda.
    Two peas of the same pod.

  9. Droopy: “pushing for more guns and fewer protections”

    Fact: Guns = protection

    Idiot fascist Marxist math: More guns = less protection

    Real intelligent person math: More guns = more protection

  10. So three of Obama’s bro’s walked out on a moment of silence for the victims because they want to ram through some gun control.
    Fire these sons of bitches and send them back home in barrels of vinegar

  11. Wouldn’t you pay just to have ONE shot at this fool. I’d hit him so hard his great-great grandkids would feel it.

    I can’t remember feeling this much disdain for ANY politician in my entire life…..well, except maybe Fat Teddy.

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