Chile: 100-year-old woman denied access to supermarket for lack of digital health pass

SANTIAGO, Chile, April 16, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – A 100-year old Chilean woman was denied access to a supermarket to buy food for lunch because she did not have the necessary health permit.

Images and video footage of the incident sparked outrage after going viral. The store security guard who denied her entry insisted that he would lose his job if he let in the woman without her access pass.

The elderly woman, Isolina Grandón, who has lived alone since her sister died, explained to the Chilean media program Aqui Somos Todos of Channel 13 that she does not have access to the internet, nor to a cell phone. In Chile, only those with health passes obtained from the website can travel or enter commercial venues.

Their “safe conduct pass” “only allows them to buy essential food items twice a week between the hours of 5 a.m. and 9 p.m.,” Summit News reported.

Grandón said she had told the store staff, “I’m only going to buy food for lunch, I’m going to buy a chicken breast.”

She recounted that when the store guards insisted she could not enter, she explained that she had not been able to get her permit because she didn’t know where to go, and she couldn’t go far from her home. MORE

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  1. I would have lost my mind if I witnessed anything like that. You wonder how they wouldn’t have made provisions for such situations then you realize that you’re dealing with government. But still, an employee of the store could have taken 10 minutes out of their day to assist her in obtaining her items. Garbage humans. Kudos to the woman mentioned in the article that did help her. Hopefully the coverage of the story will enable change in the policy.

  2. She’s a hundred years old. If Covid hasn’t found her yet, I think it would be ok to let the poor woman enter your damn grocery store.

  3. It’s hard to imagine, not only the absence of common sense and courtesy, but mainly that the store owners have failed to notice a profitable opportunity screaming in their ears like a howler monkey with sore testicles. We see it all over here in the U.S.: curbside/storefront delivery of orders phoned in or ordered online.

    The story says that Sra. Grandón doesn’t have a cell phone nor internet access, but I’d bet good money that she has a neighbor or relative who have either or both and who would gladly help the lady out especially as that help could be provided while sitting in your underwear in your own living room.

  4. This is how it will be throughout the entire world in the near future (and by near, I mean near).

    You won’t be forced to take the mark, you just will not be allowed to participate in even the most basic and essential functions of life without it.

    Start deciding now how you will deal with it, it isn’t going to be an easy choice. Practically everyone, no matter what they may be saying now while they aren’t actually facing it, will surrender, give in, and do what they are told.

  5. If we shitcan what works for what we already know doesn’t work, that’s pretty stupid especially dealing with a misguided sentiment racing out of control..

  6. This makes me wish I was traveling to Chile soon … with a baseball bat, so I can visit a grocery.


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