China: North Korea says it is still willing to talk with US “at any time” and in “any format”

CTH: The MSM is insufferable in their intentional disconnect of the dynamic behind the North Korean denuclearization talks.  It was Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping who brought the DPRK to the table; and it was Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping who pushed North Korea away from the table in their manipulative efforts to extract trade concessions. Every other review of the geopolitical gamesmanship is chaff and countermeasures.

U.S. President Trump is holding massive steel and aluminum tariffs as an economic sword of Damocles over the head of Beijing during ongoing trade negotiations.  Chairman Xi sought to increase his own leverage by pulling North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong-un away from bilateral peace and denuclearization talks.  However, POTUS Trump responded to the Beijing power-play by announcing a Section 232 trade review over the entire auto-industry; and then bolstered his counter-move by cancelling talks with Kim Jong-un.  MORE

7 Comments on China: North Korea says it is still willing to talk with US “at any time” and in “any format”

  1. Contrast Trump’s approach to Obama’s approach with Assad. Redrawing his red line and getting mocked on Facebook by Assad’s 11 year old son, daring Obama to attack and start something he couldn’t end.

  2. They’re just caught in the middle between Trump and China. China has figured out that Trump is a different animal than the chumps they’re used to rolling.

  3. Thing is, Trump don’t care what China thinks. He’s giving them a taste of their own medicine (for once).

  4. “You have to know when to fold ’em

    Know when to hold ’em

    Know when to walk away

    Know when to run.”

    DJT. Poker Player/ Deal maker.

  5. This is how to leverage America’s formidable economic strength. It’s how you turn a million into a billion. As Sundance just wrote, China just wiped out their greatest negotiating chip by believing there was too much pressure for Trump to walk away. Are you paying attention EU?

    America First, baby!

  6. The DemSM are too stupid and/or ideologically committed to recognize processes and react hysterically only to the individual events within a process.


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