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China Raises The Limit On Children To Three


Married Chinese couples may have up to three children, China announced on Monday, in a major shift from the existing limit of two after recent data showed a dramatic decline in births in the world’s most populous country.

Beijing scrapped its decades-old one-child policy in 2016, replacing it with a two-child limit to try and stave off risks to its economy from a rapidly aging population. But that failed to result in a sustained surge in births given the high cost of raising children in Chinese cities, a challenge that persists to this day. More

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  1. Note they don’t open their borders to fix the declining population problem.
    Note they continue their genocide of the Uighers, despite their declining population.
    What does this say about them?
    They are Chinese supremacists, and want to keep their population pure.

  2. I suppose they calculated how many CCP chink rat bastards they needed to take over the world.
    Of course they factored in the next China-lab manufactured pandemic that will kill off additional millions.
    The world is FUCKED if we don’t rid it of these evil chinky rat bastards.
    We are DONE!

  3. Gosh — what wonderful benevolent masters they are, allowing other people to have more children than they’d ordinarily allow them to have, even if only because it was politically and demographically necessary for them to do so, and not out of any actual recognition of their inherent human rights. If only we could be so lucky…

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  5. China allowing citizens more children!

    Oh good! By this time next year we’ll see an population explosion that’ll match the rodent plague Australia is currently facing.


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