China Refuses Help In Stopping Killer Virus


The Chinese government has rejected numerous offers from the United States to help fight the rapidly spreading coronavirus in that country, U.S. health officials revealed on Tuesday.

Leaders of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said during a media conference call that the American government first made an offer of assistance on January 6, but that Bejing rebuffed that and further offers. At least 106 Chinese citizens have died from the virus so far and thousands have been reported as infected. More

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  1. Every country is forced to deny aid from the US because the CIA has it’s hand in everything and will use it to plant a false flag or something else as devious.

  2. Mr Zgingaling has called the situation grave. Other officials are saying the virus seems still be getting stronger {whatever that’s supposed to mean} if he means mutating that sounds like an excuse.
    The only certainty is we’re getting bullshitted, what a shock!

  3. This, like so many other flu scares, will die a whimpering death. Three months from now, not a peep.

    Anyway, China does not GAF. So what if they lose a couple hundred million people? They still have a billion more to staff the mines and factories.

  4. It’s a threat like this virus that makes me glad we have a steady hand in the White House that actually cares about the well being of the american people. The bonus is that he’s a germaphobe too!

  5. Why?

    You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. That includes our greatest competitor(s). Cultural revolutions happen via slavery!

    Keep an eye on this third world, slave-inducing nation who eats all forms of life… including their own (face-recognition merit system, human body parts, etal.).

  6. Just saw a FB Meme of Joe with His red eye….Caption?

    “When You accidentally sniff a Chinese Kid”

  7. Look up “China” and “Mandate of Heaven”, and you’ll see why the Chinese government doesn’t want anyone knowing the truth as to what is really going on.

  8. What happens when some rich scuzbag like Hunter Biden gets Coronavirus overseas, flies back, and then runs down to Skid Row to score some crack and infects someone down there in one of those massive, squalid homeless encampments. Giant turd… Meet huge fan.

  9. In the mean time a Mayor (possibly from where I live) is on the radio & TV telling everyone that it is racist to be avoiding China Town etc.

    Generally, January & February are months when people stay indoors anyway and are busy paying down credit cards, but alas, now it is RACIST!!!!

  10. In the 1970’s, part of my job in the Air Force was to search for, locate and positively identify mass graves in China using satellite imagery. Looks like that endeavor is about to take an upswing once again.

  11. @ Kcir (embarrased to be from Toronto): Last time I was in Chinatown in San Francisco, I saw dripping greasy ducks hanging by their legs in the market windows and flies were all over them. Spent some time in Hong Kong and saw even worse. Pigs in an open market slit open and hanging by two legs. Flies all over the carcass and it smelled so bad I almost puked right there. The Kowloon Bay was filled with floating garbage, and people (whole families) living on junks. They are disgusting, they have no idea of what hygiene is, and they live in filth. Not surprised at all that these deadly diseases ALL come from China. They eat $hit that the Bible tells us to leave alone. I’ve got no sympathy for any of them. Go against the law of nature, you will die because nature is cruel.


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