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China tells Biden not to dare boycott the Winter Olympics

And of course, Biden won’t. Why?
Because China has pictures, and documents, and… of the entire Biden family.

BEIJING (AP) — China’s government warned Washington on Wednesday not to boycott next year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing after the Biden administration said it was talking with allies about a joint approach to complaints of human rights abuses.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson rejected accusations of abuses against ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region. He warned of an unspecified “robust Chinese response” to a potential Olympics boycott.

“The politicization of sports will damage the spirit of the Olympic Charter and the interests of athletes from all countries,” said the spokesperson, Zhao Lijian. “The international community including the U.S. Olympic Committee will not accept it.”Human rights groups are protesting China’s hosting of the games, due to start in February 2022. They have urged a boycott or other measures to call attention to accusations of Chinese abuses against Uyghurs, Tibetans and residents of Hong Kong. more

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  1. Our government under joey’s illegitimate presiduncy may not boycott the Winter Olympics in China but I certainly will along with millions of other Americans. Political correctness and wokeness has killed any interest for next years winter Olympics for me as far as I am concerned.

  2. Ya know where these pussies get their revenue stream from? Us. Just keep buying that ChiCom shit. Stop shopping at fucking Walmart.

  3. As if Joe had the guts needed to take any kind of stand against China, let alone something that meaningful. He’ll do exactly as he’s told to do.

  4. As we speak, NBC is producing “wokeist wokey woke segments” that will be shown during the entire 2021-2022 Summer/Winter Olympics.

    It will be the most nauseating vomited bile you have ever witnessed.
    I’m fucking gagging just thinking about it!

    Don’t forget a few years ago these traitorous NBC cocksuckers blasted VP Pence and licked that bug-ridden nasty decomposed crotch of North Korean cunt sister of little fat boy dear leader.

  5. We will have paid athletes paid by China to protest there…watch it happen.

    That is…I mean don’t watch it…

    Zero watching means ZERO ratings and ZERO sponsors that push that bullshit.

  6. The athletes can boycott. Wonder if they will. We can boycott by not watching.

    We don’t watch anyway. It used to be fun. Now the networks find every sob story they can among the athletes and show more of that than actual events.


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